Traveling Trunks

A ranger and five children sit on the ground with a worksheet from the Water Education Kit

Students answering questions about how they can help keep their drinking water clean after completing an activity in the Water Cycle Education Kit.

NPS Photo

Enhance your curriculum with one of our Education Kits! Engage your students in further discovery of topics such as Alaska’s bears, wetlands, climate change, and birds through exciting hands-on lessons and props. Conduct a demonstration of how the land bridge flooded, practice eating like a bird with tools that mimic bird beaks, get your hands on skins, skulls, games, and more!

The kits are loaned out to teachers and other educators in the Nome and Bering Straits School Districts. Download a list of kits here (pdf 204 kb). Call to reserve a kit today! 1-800-471-2352 or 907-443-2522.

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