• Breathtaking autumn colors in Bering Land Bridge National Preserve

    Bering Land Bridge

    National Preserve Alaska

A Bridge to the Past, Present, and Future

Explore a dynamic wilderness dotted with hot springs, ancient lava flows, and the largest maar lakes in the world. Ramble across tundra seeking muskox, caribou, and signs of ice age life. The Bering Land Bridge provided a pathway for plants, animals, and people to cross from old world to new. Today local residents use this land just as their ancestors have for generations.

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Did You Know?

A large number of shore birds lifting off the beach to flight.

More than 170 known species of birds migrate 20,000 miles yearly to Bering Land Bridge National Preserve. At the crossroad of the Asiatic-North America flyway, this area offers rare opportunities to observe several old world species.