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    Bering Land Bridge

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Traveling Trunks

A ranger and five children sit on the ground with a worksheet from the Water Education Kit

Students answering questions about how they can help keep their drinking water clean after completing an activity in the Water Cycle Education Kit.

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If you need a little extra something to make your curriculum pop, try one of our education kits. The kits have suggested curricula you can use, but most excing are all of the hands-on items you can use to demonstrate topics to your class. Kits include items like copies of primary resource documents from events in Alaska's gold rush history; supplies and materials needed to conduct demonstrations on how the land bridge flooded; tools for students to use like bird beaks to discover how different birds obtain different foods; skulls, skins, games and more.

These kits are for loan to teachers and other educators in Northwest Alaska for free! Take a look at the list of education kits (PDF 51.3 KB) available.

Don't see what you need? Let us know! New kits are currently in production.

If you live outside Northwest Alaska, please call to see how we can accommodate your needs: 1-800-471-2352 or 907-443-2522.

Did You Know?

A map depicting the former landmass connecting North America and eastern Asia.

Bering Land “Bridge” is really a misnomer for the land mass that the people and animals used to cross over from Asia and populate the Americas. The bridge ranged up to 1,000 miles wide.