• Breathtaking autumn colors in Bering Land Bridge National Preserve

    Bering Land Bridge

    National Preserve Alaska

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A park ranger smiling at two students as he signs a Junior Ranger certificate

Local students getting certified as Junior Rangers

NPS Photo - Andrea Willingham

Bring a Ranger to YOUR Classroom!

A curriculum based ranger program can help you and your students meet grade level expectations. Ranger programs are an excellent tool to introduce or review a subject with your students.

Hands-on activities and multimedia presentations keep students engaged in the program activities. Techniques such as cooperative learning, problem based learning, and resource immersion challenge students to explore topics more deeply.

Ranger programs also provide an opportunity to bring topical issues into the classroom learning environment. Topics such as careers, subsistence, preserving students' cultural heritage, shared heritage between northwest Alaska and the Russian far-east, and global climate change can be addressed.

Ranger programs cover a broad range of topics including earth science, biology, history and culture, writing, the visual arts and more.

If you would like to bring a ranger to your classroom or just discuss program options use the or contact Jennifer Thelen at 907-443-2522 or e-mail us.

Did You Know?

A map depicting the former landmass connecting North America and eastern Asia.

Bering Land “Bridge” is really a misnomer for the land mass that the people and animals used to cross over from Asia and populate the Americas. The bridge ranged up to 1,000 miles wide.