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  • Access by Shuttle Bus Only

    Through October 27, 2014 all access to the most visited part of the park, Frijoles Canyon, will be via a mandatory shuttle bus from the nearby community of White Rock from 9 AM - 3 PM daily. Private cars may drive in before 9 AM or after 3 PM. More »

Your Safety

Alcove House

Although climbing ladders at Alcove House can be an enjoyable challenge, it must be done with attention to safety.  NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SMALL CHILDREN.

NPS Photo by Sally King


The weather in the mid-late summer months is sunny and dry, with thunderstorms in the afternoon. During heavy rains flash flooding along rivers and canyon bottoms is always possible. Hikers must always be aware of changing weather conditions and of their surroundings. Watch and listen for changing water levels in creeks as well as falling rocks; move to higher ground. Turn around if unsafe obstacles are encountered.

Frost and chance of snow storms from October through May. Wear layered comfortable sportswear type clothing appropriate for the season, with sturdy walking shoes.

Elevation and Climbing

The elevation in Frijoles Canyon is 6,000 feet and can cause breathing difficulties for some people visiting from lower elevations. Climbing ladders should not be attempted by people with heart problems or severe fear of heights. Children should be accompanied by adults at all times.

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

Rattlesnakes can pose a danger to hikers.  When encountered, give them their space.

NPS Photo by Sally King


Hikers should be aware of the danger posed by wildlife. Enjoy the view but don't get too close. Don't harrass the wildlife, this is their home! Don't feed the wildlife as fed wildlife is more likely to pose a threat to humans.

Did You Know?

Three-leaf Sumac

A drink that tastes a lot like lemonade can be made from the berries of the Three-leaf Sumac. From this, the bush gets its common name, the Lemonade Bush.