• Bandelier Short-horned Lizard


    National Monument New Mexico

Hiking Merit Badge


Requirements Related to Bandelier

4. Make a written plan for a 10 mile hike

5. Take 5 hikes, each on a different day and each at least 10 continuous miles.

6. Take a 20 continuous mile one-day hike

7. Write a short report for each hike

Available Resources

There are over 70 miles of hiking and backpacking trails in the park. These are available for day hikes or overnight camping. If camping, a permit is required and available at the Visitor Center. Trail maps are available at the bookstore.

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Did You Know?

Aspen fall color

All the aspens in a cluster will change colors at approximately the same time. That's because in a grouping of aspens, most are clones that grew as root sprouts from the original plant.