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Bandelier Daycamp for Kids

Chris Judson with bullsnake

Daycamp allows children to develop connections with the many resources of Bandelier.

photo by sally king

Due to reduced staffing, Bandelier will host one session of "Daycamp for Kids" summer 2015. Date TBA.

Daycamp is a fun but educational way for kids to learn more about Bandelier's diverse resources. For summer 2014 Daycamp will be held Weds 6/18 - Sat 6/21. Participants must have completed the first grade. Due to high demand and limited space, a child can only attend Daycamp once in their life. Daycamp meets in front of the visitor center and runs from 830 AM to 12 Noon Thursday through Saturday. Family and friends of the daycamper are invited to join the activities on Saturday. Daycamp is free but you must reserve your spot early. Reservations can be made at anytime. To make a reservation, call Chris Judson at (505)672-3861 x 513 or e-mail her .

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