• Bandelier Short-horned Lizard


    National Monument New Mexico

Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge


Requirements Related to Bandelier

2a(3). Locate an interesting point on a map of the community

7a.Choose a charitable organization in the community

7b. Learn about the organization

7c. Contact the organization and find out what young people can do to help.

8. Develop a public presentation about an important aspect of your community

Available Resources

The Friends of Bandelier is a local charitable organization that works closely with the park. Information concerning this organization is available at the Visitor Center (505-672-3861 x517) or by visiting the Friends website at http://www.friendsofbandelier.org

Did You Know?

Pinon cone with nuts

Pinon nuts are rich in vitamins, flavor, and calories (3,000 per pound). Although produced in abundance only every 7 to 10 years, these nuts were a valuable native food source for the Ancestral Pueblo people. More...