• Bandelier Short-horned Lizard


    National Monument New Mexico


fire fighters

A variety of jobs is often available at Bandelier National Monument, especially in the summer.

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Mason Helper WG-3603-05 Seasonal Closes April 14, 2014
Rocky Mountain Youth Corp Student Intern Closes May 5, 2014
Preservationist WG-4701-09 Closes April 18, 2014
Supervisory Facility Operations Specialist GS-1640-11/12 Closes April 18, 2014
Same Supervisory Facility Operations Specialist but Merit Promotion and VEOA Eligibles

Did You Know?

Queen butterfly

Queen butterflies are often mistaken for Monarchs because they look so much alike. This is beneficial to the Queen, who is avoided by predators who fear this look-alike may be as toxic as the Monarch.