• Bandelier Short-horned Lizard


    National Monument New Mexico

Bandelier's Fall Fiesta 2013


A variety of Pueblo crafts will be available for sale.

Bandelier National Monument will host its annual Fall Fiesta on October 6, 2013. Fall Fiesta includes craft booths with assorted Pueblo arts for sale, live raptors from the Santa Fe Raptor Center, Pueblo dances, and food for sale. Autumn is usually a beautiful season with warm days, cool nights, and clear blues skies. The event runs from 11 AM - 3 PM. Come and join us.

zuni dancers 12
A Pueblo dance group will perform during the Fiesta.
island activities
There will be a variety of activities at Bandelier's Fall Fiesta.

Did You Know?

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

Most rattlesnakes bites are "dry" bites in which little or no venom is produced. That doesn't mean you want to get bit. Keep your distance if you encounter a rattlesnake while hiking.