• Badlands formations against the blue sky; photo by Rikk Flohr


    National Park South Dakota

GPS Activities

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Download book to complete the GPS Adventure.
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Looking for a family-friendly park adventure? Download the GPS Adventure Activity Book (1.2 MB pdf) and use it to navigate to points of interest. Your GPS-enabled device will lead you to natural features, trails, and wayside exhibits where you will learn more about the park. Please remember to leave fossils, flowers, rocks, and artifacts where you find them. Collecting in the park is illegal. It also illegal to leave items behind or create human-made geocaches.


Teachers and homeschool families might also want to check out the Badlands EarthCache Lesson (140 KB pdf).

Did You Know?

Early motorist meanders through the Upper Tunnel

Early motorists along the Badlands Loop Road traveled through tunnels carved into the formations. Since the road’s layout defied engineering logic by being based on scenery rather than stability, the road is constantly shifting. Though the tunnels are long gone, the sense of adventure remains.