• Badlands formations against the blue sky; photo by Rikk Flohr


    National Park South Dakota


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Yellow Mounds 1987
Fredrik Marsh
Fredrik came to the Badlands to photograph in the Summer of 1986 to the Spring of 1987 working on an independent project. At the completion of his stay here, Fredrik donated three 14" x 17" contact prints to the park's museum collection.
School of Mines Canyon 1987
Fredrik Marsh
These three images were all made with a c. 1895 14" x 17" Improved Empire State view camera, manufactured by the Rochester Optical Company.
South Unit 1987
Fredrik Marsh
While not officially a part of the Artist in Residence program, his striking images are important to the legacy of the park.
Rikk Flohr 2008
Rikk Flohr
The rattle of long-dormant grasses, the coyote’s hidden howl, and the echo hoof falls of Bighorn sheep still echo in my mind. Ultimately my best work came in total silence. For this silence, I am grateful.
Mule Deer at Sunrise 1998
Mark Dornblaser
Mule Deer at Sunrise, 27.5" x 21.5" Digital Color Print
Jean Laughton 1999
Jean Laughton
I added pink to this particular platinum/palladium print to give the Badlands a more saturated man-made version of their naturally occurring pink hues. Enhancing the surreal feel of the Badlands.
Rikk Flohr 2008
Rikk Flohr
I count myself fortunate to have been invited to serve as Artist in Residence at Badlands National Park twice. Having been there in both Spring and Winter, I find that Winter was a more awe-inspiring vision of the park.
Rikk Flohr 2008
Rikk Flohr
Winter in the Badlands induced a silence, of which I had been told but was ill-prepared to endure, that I have never before experienced.
Western Meadowlark by Gabby Salazar 2008
Gabby Salazar
A meadowlark in early spring photographed with a telephoto lens near the Parking Lot for the Door Trail, Digital Image
View from Behind the Ben Reifel Visitor Center by Gabby Salazar 2008
Gabby Salazar
View from behind the Ben Reifel Visitor Center, Digital Image
Carl Johnson 2009
Carl Johnson
I stopped in the Conata Basin area…The mounds were spectacularly colored, and there was a fairly dramatic cloud hanging over the landscape…On my first exposure, I captured a nice double blast of lightning.
Rick Braveheart 2009
Rick Braveheart
My wish in each photograph I capture is to share the beauty of Nature and of the Earth. The more others can see and appreciate this beauty for themselves...they may come to realize the importance of helping to maintain it for future generations.
Day's End by Jason Jilg 2010
Jason Jilg
Day's End, Digital Image
The Roundup by Jason Jilg 2010
Jason Jilg
The Roundup, Digital Image
The Wall, Badlands NP by Jason Jilg 2010
Jason Jilg
Badlands National Park is one of the most prominent Plains landscapes. As the majority of my work focus on the Plains it was an honor to be granted this opportunity to spend this time getting to "know" the Badlands.

Did You Know?

Scientist uncovers fossils at the Pig Dig

The former Pig Dig was discovered in June 1993 when two visitors from Iowa discovered a large backbone protruding from the ground near the Conata Picnic Area. Originally thought to be a 4-day excavation, field work continued for over a decade, yielding more than 10,000 fossilized bones for study.