• Badlands formations against the blue sky; photo by Rikk Flohr


    National Park South Dakota

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    The Ben Reifel Visitor Center is open daily from 8 am to 7 pm. The front parking lot is under construction. Please follow the signs, park in the side lot, and use the side doors. Expect 10 - 15 minute road construction delays along Hwy 240 Loop Road.

Artist Statements

watercolor painting of an adult and child walking among the badlands formations - by Judy Thompson

Spring 2013: Judy Thompson, Painter (10 KB PDF)

"Snow Swirl," acrylic on canvas by Roxanne Everett

Fall 2012: Roxanne Everett, Painter (32 KB PDF)

Jessica Bryant's Bio image

Spring 2012: Jessica L. Bryant, Painter (312 KB PDF)

Spring 2011: Polly Townsend, Painter (138 KB PDF)

The Wall, Badlands NP by Jason Jilg

Fall 2010: Jason Jilg, Photographer (8.42 KB PDF)


Fall 2010: Brenda Howell, Painter (56.7 KB PDF)


Spring 2010: Harold Nelson, Painter (23.2 KB PDF)


Fall 2009: Rick Braveheart, Photographer (17.2 KB PDF)


Spring 2009: Carl Johnson, Photographer (43.8 KB PDF)


Spring 2008: Gabby Salazar, Photographer (11.5 KB PDF)


Fall 2007: Brent E. White, Sculptor (45.1 KB PDF)

The Great Race: According to Brent (1.23 MB PDF), story by Brent E. White, to accompany carousel wildlife carvings.


Spring 2007: Rikk Flohr, Photographer (35.4 KB PDF)


Fall 2006: Tim Young, Painter (23.5 KB PDF)


Spring 2006: Jenn Wilson, Painter (74 KB PDF)


Fall 2005: Charlie Lyon, Painter (23.2 KB PDF)


Spring 2004: Betsy Popp, Painter (8.22 KB PDF)


Fall 2003: Melanie Jeffs, Ceramicist (64.1 KB PDF)


Fall 2002: Kathy Hodge, Painter (16.3 KB PDF)


Spring 2002: Siri Beckman, Printmaker (8.27 KB PDF)


Spring 1999: Jean Laughton, Photographer (8.85 KB PDF)


Spring 1998: Mark Dornblaser, Photographer (21.6 KB PDF)


Summer 1996: Burt Calkins, Painter (21.2 KB PDF)


1987: Fredrik Marsh, Photographer (23.4 KB PDF)

Badlands Images (14.2 KB PDF), essay by Jay Shuler, former Chief Naturalist of Badlands National Park.


Did You Know?

Sandstone caprock balanced atop eroding sediments, an example of a toadstool or hoodoo

The badlands are some of the fastest eroding landscapes on earth with erosion rates averaging 1” per year in their fragile layers. However, in areas where sandstone is found, the erosion rate may be 1” in 500 years. Often, toadstools form when surrounding sediments erode beneath a sandstone caprock.