Painters - Visual Artists

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Painters - Visual Artists
Black-Footed Ferret by Burt Calkins 1996
Burt Calkins
I have been involved with many artist-in-residency programs in state and national parks, museums, visitor's centers, wildlife refuges and more for over two decades.
Wherever We Go is Fine with Me by Burt Calkins 1996
Burt Calkins
In all cases, the art programs are very popular with visitors. They can see and observe the natural world from a new perspective, learn new things and perhaps become inspired to appreciate and protect the natural world.
Robert Johnson 2000
Robert Johnson
Notebook Page/View of Eagle Butte, 17" x 21" Watercolor + Graphite
The White Place by Kathy Hodge 2002
Kathy Hodge
The White Place, 35" x 32" Oil on Canvas
Buttes by Siri Beckman 2002
Siri Beckman
Looking back over the 5 residencies I have done, the Badlands remains my favorite. The month long time frame made it possible to explore the landscape more intensely. The woodcut shown is 22" x 28" printed in color using stencils plus the block.
Siri Beckman 2002
Siri Beckman
Badlands, Wood Engraving
Siri Beckman 2002
Siri Beckman
Sod Table, Wood Engraving
Pinnacle by Siri Beckman 2002
Siri Beckman
These experiences proved to be transformative. While printmaking continues to be an important medium of expression, painting provides a way of testing ideas in a new landscape.
Hoodoo Sky by Melanie Jeffs 2003
Melanie Jeffs
The final art piece I have chosen to create, reflective of the Badlands National Park, is a hand sculpted bas-relief ceramic tile mural titled Hoodoo Sky…this mural depicts awesome rock formations layered in glowing hues of red, gold, and brown.
Betsy Popp 2004
Betsy Popp
I knew that the mourning dove would be my subject matter and nestling them into a formation made the piece nowhere else but the Badlands. From the panoramic views to the small fossil fragments the Badlands is like nowhere else on earth.
Storm at Big Badlands by Charlie Lyon 2005
Charlie Lyon
My primary subject is the landscape. My fieldwork consists of some drawing and painting on site supplemented with an extensive amount of photographing. Since my residency at Badlands National Park, the focus of my work has been that unique landscape.
Spring in the Badlands by Jenn Wilson 2006
Jenn Wilson
Spring in the Badlands, 62"x 20" Oil on Canvas
Yellow Ridge by Tim Young 2006
Tim Young
This particular scene took place after a rain storm had just passed and the late afternoon sun began to shine. The close-up of the ridge...reflected an orange-yellow hue contrasting with the bright blue sky and passing purple rain clouds.
Bison 2007
Brent E. White
Brent created carousel-style wildlife figures themed to the Lakota myth "The Great Race," featuring the parks four reintroduced species: Bison, Big-Horned Sheep, Swift Fox, and Black-Footed Ferret.
Bighorn Sheep 2007
Brent E. White
Bighorn Sheep, 48" x 153" x 36" Wood Carving
Black-footed ferret 2007
Brent E. White
Black-Footed Ferret, 17" x 13" x 8" Wood Carving
Swift Fox 2007
Brent E. White
Swift Fox, 34" x 8" x 20" Wood Carving
Sage Creek Basin by Harold Nelson 2010
Harold Nelson
I think the national parks and what they offer us is special. If I were to try to describe what the NPS means to me, I guess I would define it as, “the space between the notes of the chaotic symphony of our everyday lives.”
Angel Butte Evening by Brenda Howell 2010
Brenda Howell
I watched Angel Butte in morning, afternoon and evening light and became captivated as the last rays of sunlight permeated the fantastic form and for minutes turned glowing orange just before sundown.
Polly Townsend 2011
Polly Townsend
Oil and canvas painting by Polly Townsend
Stronghold Unit Battle Creek with Plenty Star 2012
Jessica Bryant
Jessica was the Artist in Residence in 2012 from March 20 to April 27.
Palmer Creek Unit 2012
Jessica Bryant
Artist in Residence Jessica Bryant visited nearby Interior School to work with grade K – 8 students. She taught drawing and watercolor painting and guided them through the steps to create these finished paintings of Badlands landscapes.
North Unit Cedar Pass 2012
Jessica Bryant
During her five week residency, Jessica explored Badlands National Park in depth, developing a strong and lasting affinity for this special place.
Snow Swirl, acrylic on panel by Roxanne Everett 2012
Roxanne Everett
My main subjects come from wilderness areas - the land, the processes that formed it or its inhabitants. I try to capture the essence of the place rather than duplicate it in a photorealistic image.
Door Trail, watercolor and charcoal by Judy Thompson 2013
Judy Thompson
Door Trail depicts two figures exploring the vast Badlands landscape. It is my hope that Door Trail evokes in the viewer the awe and wonder that comes from experiencing this wild, wonderful place.

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