Badlands in Brief

Join park rangers as they explore the resources of Badlands National Park. These short videos will introduce you to what you may experience when you visit the park.

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Join Ranger Cathy Bell to learn about the Badlands and all the amazing resources found here.

Running Time: 2:54 minutes
Written & Produced by: Cathy Bell



Planning a visit to the Badlands? Find out where you can see common park wildlife such as bison, bighorn sheep, mule deer, and pronghorn.

Running Time: 2:55 minutes

Written & Produced by: Julie Johndreau



How did the Badlands form? Learn the geologic story here.

Running Time: 3:12 minutes
Produced by: Julie Johndreau


Junior Ranger

Get ready to earn your badge! In this episode, twelve year old Nathan Wooden Knife describes the Badlands junior ranger program.

Running Time: 2:05 minutes
Presented by: Nathan Wooden Knife
Produced by: Julie Johndreau


Kylie's Fossil Find

Kylie Ferguson discovered a rare saber tooth cat skull in Badlands National Park. Learn about her amazing fossil discovery.

Running Time: 5 minutes
Featuring: Rachel Benton & Clint Boyd
Produced by: Julie Johndreau


Secrets of the Past

Teacher-Ranger Cindy Holub explains the geology of Badlands National Park to grade K-8 students. Lesson plans included.

Running Time: 6 minutes
Presented by: Cindy Holub
Produced by: Julie Johndreau & Sara Feldt


Artist in Residence

The Badlands are a source of inspiration for artists of all disciplines. Find out more about the program and view artwork submissions.

Running Time: 7 minutes
Featuring: Julie Johndreau, Charlie Lyon, Rikk Flohr, & Jason Jilg
Produced by: Sara Feldt


National Fossil Day Video

Celebrate the National Fossil Day spirit year round with this catchy song and fun music video. Watch for images from the Badlands.

Running Time: 2 minutes
Song Written and Performed by: Jeff Wolin
Video Produced by: Alison L. Mims


Walk the Badlands

Fourth graders get fit with the Walk the Badlands program.

Running Time: 1:31 minutes
Featuring: Mrs. Graupmann's Fourth Grade Class, Kadoka, SD

Two students sitting in the badlands

Interior School

Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students from the Interior School describe what they like about the Badlands and the park education program.


Picture Yourself - National Park Week

National Park Week is April 21-29, 2012. Picture yourself at Badlands National Park!


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