• Badlands formations against the blue sky; photo by Rikk Flohr


    National Park South Dakota

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  • Visitor Center Open / Road Construction

    Park roads and parking lots are under construction. Expect occasional 10 - 15 minute road construction delays along Hwy 240 Loop Road. There is limited parking at the Ben Reifel Visitor Center. Please follow the signs to park in designate areas.

Video Conferences

Badlands National Park conducts interactive classroom presentations through distance learning video conferences. Schools can connect by IP Contact or Skype.

Scheduling a Video Conference

We offer distance learning programs on the topics described below. Appropriate grade levels are suggested, but programs can be adjusted for any grade level (K-12) upon request. A reservation request form must be complete at least 10 days before the requested program date. Programs are available February 3 through May 1, 2014. Contact e-mail us with questions.

Preparing for a Video Conference

Teachers who have scheduled a video conference ranger program should prepare their students accordingly. Students should have some understanding of Badlands National Park (location, mission, ecosystem) and some general background knowledge related to their program topic. Teachers may use materials provided from the links below, the specific pre-visit lesson plans, or their own lessons to best prepare their students.

Connection Information

Schools are responsible for testing their equipment and connection prior to our scheduled program date. Schools can conduct an independent test connection anytime on Mondays and after 12:00 pm Mountain Standard Time on Thursdays. If you want a ranger available during your test, you must contact the education office.

Please note: Different school districts have different means of connecting with us. The park's preferred method of connection is through the National Park Service IP Address Dialing Extension/Conference Room: 605433. Whatever way your district connects, it is critical that you test the connection prior to your program date. It is also critical that you connect by the means indicated on your reservation request form and confirmation. Please see your confirmation email for additional information.

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Did You Know?

The rich hue of the Yellow Mounds paleosols

The yellow and red layers in the badlands formations are fossilized soils, called paleosols. Fossil root traces, burrows, and animal bones found within the soils provide scientists with evidence of environmental and climatic changes that occurred in the badlands over time.