• Badlands formations against the blue sky; photo by Rikk Flohr


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Youth Camp Brings Teens to Badlands

Since 2012, students from the Calhoun School in New York City have joined with South Dakota teens from the Red Cloud Indian School and Wall High School for a weeklong Youth Camp in March. Days are filled with hikes and activities facilitated by park rangers, resource managers, and teachers. Participants spend their nights in park housing or camping out under the stars.

Watch the series of six videos below to discover what made the Youth Camp such a transformative experience for the teens and adults who participated.







three Youth Camp participants stand atop the badlands formations, silhouetted against a twilight sky
2013 Youth Camp participants from the Red Cloud Indian School look for the first stars of the evening.
NPS/Dudley Edmondson

Did You Know?

The white water of Sage Creek

Available water in the badlands is always loaded with sediment. Cloudy and milky white in appearance, the water contains particles that carry a slight charge of electricity. The particles repel each other, instead of settling to the bottom. Early visitors found the water unsuitable for drinking.