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    Aztec Ruins

    National Monument New Mexico


Aztec Ruins National Monument: Administrative History of an Archeological Preserve
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One of the best resources on the excavation findings at Aztec Ruins and the history of the Monument.

Environmental Assessment for XTO Energy
Document Type: PDF, 1.51 MB
Analysis of XTO Energy operating natural gas wells within the Monument.

Finding of No Significant Impact
Document Type: Word, 90.0 KB
Determination that XTO Energy has supplied the necessary information to continue operating two natural gas wells within the Monument.

Fire Management Plan
Document Type: PDF, 2.62 MB
Plan for wildfire management and fuels reduction in context of culture and natural resource goals and public safety.

General Management Plan
Document Type: PDF, 4.51 MB
Description of the general vision for Aztec Ruins in the coming 15-20 years.

Superintendent's Compendium
Document Type: PDF, 525 KB
Information on designations, closures, permit requirements, and other restrictions imposed under the discretionary authority of the superintendent of Aztec Ruins.

Vegetation Management and Cultural Landscape Preservation Maintenance Plan/Environmental Assessment
Document Type: PDF, 8.48 MB
Plan for the management of natural resources and an environmental assessment completed December 2012.

Vegetation Management and Cultural Landscape Preservation Plan/Finding of No Significant Impact
Document Type: PDF, 696.28 KB
Approved February 2013.

Volunteer Application Form to print
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Volunteer Application Form to complete electronically
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World Heritage Periodic Report
Document Type: Word, 319.0 KB
Report submitted to the UNESCO World Heritage Committee with basic information about Chaco Culture World Heritage Site, which includes Aztec Ruins.

XTO Energy Operation Plan
Document Type: PDF, 33.46 MB
Plan prepared by XTO Energy Company of Fort Worth, Texas for the National Park Service detailing operation of two natural gas wells inside Monument boundaries.

Did You Know?

Third story of Aztec West with Kiva

These “Aztec” Ruins are not ancient Aztec temples. Ancestral Pueblo people built this place. Scholars once thought the Aztecs migrated to Mexico from the southwestern U.S., causing early settlers to mistakenly call these monumental ruins along the Animas River - the "Aztec Ruins."