• Great Kiva with Walls of West Ruin

    Aztec Ruins

    National Monument New Mexico

Plan A Field Trip

Self-Guided Field Trip:
Aztec Ruins provides many resources to assist teachers with planning and running their own field trips. Use the online "Curriculum Materials" to familiarize yourself with the site and get activities before the scheduled trip. Please call the visitor center at (505) 334-6174 ext. 228 to make a field trip reservation and get more information.

What's Here:
A trip could include a 1/2 mile self-guided walk through West Ruin and the reconstructed Great Kiva, a viewing of the 15-minute video Aztec Ruins: Footprints of the Past, a visit to the visitor center museum, a ranger activity, and a sack lunch in the picnic area. Teachers can also reserve a replica artifact trunk for use at the site.

Teachers should try to have one chaperon for every ten students. Two hours is usually enough time for the visit itself; more time should be scheduled for lunch in the picnic area. The video room can accommodate a maximum of forty students and the video plays every half hour. Teachers and chaperons are responsible for directing their groups during the visit.

Recommended Group Rotations
45 minutes: Watch the 15 minute video and tour the museum.
45 minutes: Take a self-guided tour of the archeological site with chaperons using the trail guide.
45 minutes: Ranger activity (can include kiva talk, ancestral Pueblo games, or atlatl program. Confirm availability when you make your reservation.)

45 minutes: Whole group picnic lunch

*Note: only 5-10 students at a time in bookstore with chaperon

Educational Fee Waiver Application:
If you represent an educational or scientific institution, you may be eligible for a waiver of entrance fees for adults over 15 years old (children 15 and under are free). You may download the fee waiver application (feewaiver.pdf) or call (505) 334-6174 ext. 228 for more information. Groups of children age 15 and under do not need a fee waiver.

Did You Know?

Acoma Dancers

Descendants of the ancestral Pueblos at Aztec Ruins include the Hopi in Arizona, and the 19 Rio Grande Pueblos of New Mexico: Taos, Picuris, Sandia, Isleta, San Juan, Santa Clara, San Ildefonso, Nambe, Tesuque, Jemez, Cochiti, Pojoaque, Santo Domingo, San Felipe, Santa Ana, Zia, Laguna, Acoma, and Zuni.