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Teach Ocean Science

High School Watershed Watchdogs: Monitoring change in the coastal bays

Watershed Watchdogs involves students in hands-on, feet-wet biomonitoring and ecologic exploration activities. The program is a conglomerate of several independent but connected activities. Students collect shallow bay vertebrate and invertebrate organisms and kayak Sinepuxent bay. Teams identify organisms and record species population, size and sex on data sheets. Students also record environmental data using a variety of hand instruments such as hydrometers, turbidity tubes and pH kits. Students learn about plankton and microorganisms through laboratory work using microscopes and i.d. guides and record observations through field drawings and database entry.

Teach Ocean Science
Teach an entire ocean science course or incorporate ocean concepts into your science classroom using this database of scientist and teacher-approved lesson plans.
Barrier Islands and Sea Level Rise Module

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