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The Post's Natural History

Located at the northern edge of the Gulf coastal plain, the Arkansas Post's native growth ranges from prairie grasses and lowland hardwood forests to wetland marshes near the bayous and river. Over the three centuries of history at Arkansas Post, the area has been greatly changed by both natural forces and human intervention. Flooding, erosion, and a natural change in the river's course have altered the site of the historic town and forts, as have attempts to improve navigation and control of the river with dams and levees.

It remains a place of great beauty, with deer, turkey, alligator, raccoon, and migratory and resident birds, particularly bald eagles and waterfowl in the winter months.

American Alligator

Did You Know?


The Nutria is an exotic species introduced from South America in the early 20th century. Since then, they have outcompeted natives such as the Beaver and Muskrats by producing offspring several times a year!