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    Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial


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Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial encourages visitors to help preserve, protect, and enjoy the resources of the park. Various volunteer programs are available for the public to be very involved in park living history, maintenance, or ranger programs.

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Many outside organizations throughout the area work to support Arlington House.


Save Historic Arlington House was established as a not-for-profit organization dedicated the restoration, preservation and the advancement of research and educational activities related to the historic home of the families of George Washington Parke Custis and Robert E. Lee ("Arlington House").Save Historic Arlington House is a "partner" of the National Park Service and operates to assist it with the stewardship of Arlington House, and with the restoration and maintenance of Arlington House, other historic structures on the site, and its grounds.In this way, Save Historic Arlington House supports efforts of the National Park Service that enhance the visitor's experience of this unique nineteenth-century residence in order to encourage a broader understanding of the lives of the people who lived and worked at Arlington House, as well as the momentous decisions that were made there and the events that occurred there.

Did You Know?

Arlington House, home of Robert E. Lee

Robert E. Lee considered Arlington House home for 30 years, from the day of his wedding until the start of the Civil War. But he never owned it, or any other home.