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    Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial


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For Teachers

The conservatory, a site for Parks as Classrooms programs

The Conservatory, a site for the Parks as Classrooms program "Growing up in the 1850's."

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Education is one of the primary goals of Arlington House and the National Park Service. Currently, the site offers several education programs. The Arlington House Junior Ranger Program is designed for individual visitors, ages 5-12.

Arlington House also has three Parks as Classrooms programs, which bring elementary, middle and high school students from the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area to the park. Program participants make site visits and complete pre-visit and post-visit activities in which they study related themes and topics in American history. Teachers should contact the park for more information.

Did You Know?

Memorial Bridge and Arlington House

Memorial Bridge was built in 1933 as a symbol of reunification after the Civil War. The bridge crosses the Potomac River, the boundary between North and South during the war. It connects Arlington House (the South) and the Lincoln Memorial (the north).