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August 2015 (.pdf)

  • Jacqueline Ashwell to Lead Hawaii World War II National Monuments
  • Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area Hosts Native American Youth Camp
  • Research Project Leads to New Findings at Kenai Fjords National Park
  • Fort Davis National Historic Site Hosts Archeology Project
  • Workshop Held by National Park Service Southern Revolutionary War Sites
  • Reed Robinson Head of NPS Midwest Region Office of American Indian Affairs
  • National Park Service Studies Bricks to Unlock Secrets at Arlington House
  • New Archeological National Historic Landmark Designated
  • International Archaeology Day in October
  • Historic Preservation Grants to American Indian Tribes and Alaskan Native Groups
  • Native American Youth Crews Help National Parks, Bureau of Land Management Areas
  • Two Tennessee Men Sentenced for Taking Civil War-Era Artifacts
  • Archeologists Accused of Artifact Theft in Columbia County
  • Federal Judge Denies Injunction in New Mexico Drilling Case
  • Senator Patty Murray Introduces Bill to Return Kennewick Man to Columbia Basin Tribes
  • Maritime Cultural Landscape Symposium
  • SLIGHTLY OFF-TOPIC: National Park Service Joins International Slave Wrecks Project

July 2015 (.pdf)

  • Diving Program Created by NPS Archeologist Receives Historic Preservation Award
  • Students in National Park Service Youth Program Excavate Site of Freed Slave Community
  • Project Connects Students to Fort Vancouver National Historic Site's History
  • National Park Service Gets New National Monument
  • San Antonio Missions Becomes World Heritage Site
  • Publication Issued On Student Research Scholarships
  • National Park Service Evaluating Technologies for Archeological Site Surveillance
  • National Park Service Awards $1.19 Million in Battlefield Planning Grants
  • NAGPRA Consultation and Repatriation Grants Awarded to 15 Tribes and 16 Museums
  • Did you #FindYourPark Yet?
  • Public Servants Honored with Historic Preservation Awards
  • Archeologists Advise National Geographic Channel on 'Diggers'
  • Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Posts Section 106 Success Stories
  • U.S. Grants Federal Recognition to Virginia's Pamunkey Tribe
  • SLIGHTLY OFF-TOPIC: DNA links Kennewick Man to Native Americans

June 2015 (.pdf)

  • Eric Brunnemann Named Superintendent Of Guadalupe Mountains National Park
  • Passing of Dan Murphy
  • St. Croix CommunityWishes National Park Service Archeologists Farewell
  • Submissions Sought for Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting
  • 100 for the 100th: 100 Ways that National Park Service Archeology Has Contributed
  • Cultural Resources, Partnerships, and Science Directorate Chooses Cotter Award Winners
  • NPS Midwest Archeology and Submerged Resources Centers Document Dam Resources in St. Croix National Scenic River
  • Follow-Up to E-Gram Article "Archeology and Reality Television"
  • Honoring Tribal Legacies Launched in National Park Service Midwest Region
  • The Archeology of LGBTQ People, Places, and Events
  • Students Look to Unearth History at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site
  • National Park Service Aids in Investigation of Wreck of Slave Ship São José
  • Ocmulgee National Park Bill Faces Another Hurdle
  • NPS Archeologist Assists with Research at the Beckley Grist Mill,West Virginia
  • Navajo Nation Sues National Park Service for Return of Human Remains
  • Jemez Pueblo May Have Claim to Valles Caldera National Preserve
  • Department of the Interior Fills Federal Preservation Officer Position
  • UNESCO #Unite4Heritage
  • Bureau of Land Management Project Archaeology: Investigating Nutrition
  • US Forest Service in Dispute Over Sacred Land Near Glacier National Park
  • Department of the Interior Revises Tribal Recognition Process
  • Archeological Resources Protection Training Program (ARPTP)
  • National Park Service Offering Park NAGPRA Training
  • SLIGHTLY OFF-TOPIC: Etching Vandals Spotted in Grand Canyon National Park

May 2015 (.pdf)

  • Wayne Prokopetz To Head Big Thicket National Preserve
  • Student Citizen Scientists Find Their Park At Harpers Ferry National Historical Park
  • Award Given to National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom
  • National Park Service Approves $11.28 Million to Renovate Fort Vancouver National Historic Park
  • Virgin Islands National Park Hosts Research on the Atlantic Slave Trade
  • National Park Service Special Agents Recover Folsom Point
  • Lake Clark National Park & Preserve Holds Archeology Program in Alaska Village
  • Former Superintendent Files Suit Against National Park Service
  • Death of Sarah Bridges
  • Environmental groups sue BLM over drilling near Chaco Culture National Historical Park
  • USGS Offers New Way to View Historical Maps
  • Jury Convicts Two, Acquits Two in ATV Protest Ride
  • Fire Archaeology and Resource Advising Facebook Pages
  • Fire and Drone Exposes Prehistoric Rock Formations
  • Recent Proposed Cultural Resource Legislation
  • SLIGHTLY OFF-TOPIC: Archeology and Reality Television

April 2015 (.pdf)

  • Students Illuminate Seip Earthworks at Hopewell National Historical Park
  • National Park Service Conserves Ancient Southwestern Clothing
  • Alaska Native-Owned Company Produces Documentary about NPS Archeology Site
  • 1,000 Year Old Artifacts from Bering Land Bridge National Preserve Show Prehistoric Trade
  • NAGPRA Grants Awarded to Eight Tribes
  • National Park Service and Maritime Administration Give Grants for Maritime History Education and Preservation Projects
  • Man Pleads Guilty to Misdemeanor ARPA and Resource Violations
  • Texas Man Pleads Guilty to Felony ARPA Violation in Arkansas Post National Monument
  • BLM Montana Office Holds Artifact Road Show
  • Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians to Get Artifacts from 1950s Excavation
  • Native Americans Seek Accounting Of Massacre Reparations
  • Project Archeology Summer Workshops Offered Across the Nation
  • SLIGHTLY OFF-TOPIC: Social Media Contributing to Rock Art Vandalism, Artist Says

March 2015 (.pdf)

  • Virgin Islands National Park Opens Archeology Laboratory
  • National Historic Landmarks Committee Recommends Archeological Site for Designation
  • Heartlands Conservancy Wants Cahokia Mounds to Become National Park Service Unit
  • NPS Chief Paleontologist Heads to Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument
  • Tribes Supportive of Grand Canyon National Park Buffer Plan
  • Advisory Council for Historic Preservation Archaeology Subcommittee Meets
  • Eastern Oregon Dig Uncovers Ancient Stone Tool
  • National Park Service's 2015 Archeological Prospection Workshop

February 2015 (.pdf)

  • Gettysburg National Military Park to Return Native American Human Remains
  • Arkansas Man Sentenced in ARPA Case in Pea Ridge National Military Park
  • Congressional Legislation Affects Cultural Resource Laws Citations
  • New Strategic Plan for NPS Wildland Fire Management Program through 2019
  • California Man Accused of Removing Native American Relics from Public Land
  • Divers Begin Recovery of Civil War Ironclad
  • NOAA to Enlarge Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary
  • NPS Offers Introduction to Metal Detecting for Archeologists
  • National Park Service Offers Archeological Resources Protection Training
  • Slightly Off Topic: Monuments to America's Past, and Future

January 2015 (.pdf)

  • Archeologist Hester Davis Passes
  • Archeologist Bob McGimsey Passes
  • 2014-2015 NPS Archeology Program Webinar Series Recordings Available
  • NPS Launches Online Travel Itinerary about U.S. World Heritage Sites
  • British Memorial for Battle of New Orleans Proposed
  • Historic Rifle Found Propped Against Tree in Great Basin National Park
  • Two Charged With Removing Artifacts from Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area
  • Public Support Sustains Federal Archeology
  • Weapons Seized by Civil War General in Congaree River
  • Introduction to Archaeological Digital Data Management
  • NPS Offers Distance Learning: Interpreting Climate Change
  • NPS Park NAGPRA Program Offers Training
  • Wildland Fire Resource Advisor Training Offered
  • Introduction to Metal Detecting for Archeologists Offered
  • Desert Geomorphology for Archeologists Offered
  • Slightly Off-Topic: Romantic Places in National Parks

December 2014 (.pdf)

  • Passing of Pat Parker
  • Northeast Region Selects New Cultural Anthropologist
  • NPS Commemorates Native American Heritage Month
  • Archeologists at Mesa Verde National Park Rethink Purpose of Mummy Lake Ruins
  • Zion National Park Reconnects Southern Paiute Youth with Homelands
  • Site Cleanup Continues at Salt River Bay National Historical Park
  • National Park Service Provisions National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2015
  • BLM Silver Award for Excellence in Interpretation Goes to Archeologist
  • Groups Protest Sale of Drilling Rights in Utah Archeological Areas
  • Tribes Challenge California Solar Project
  • Obama Pardons Man for 1996 Archeological Crime in Utah
  • Navajo Nation Retrieves Masks from Paris Auction House
  • Society of American Archaeology Government Affairs Update
  • FLETC to Offer ARPA Training at Gettysburg National Historical Park
  • NPS Offers Archeological Prospection Workshop

November 2014 (.pdf)

  • Death of Ronnie Emery
  • Recipients Named for NPS Excellence in Archeology Award
  • NPS Teaching with Historic Places Program Releases Archeological Lesson Plan
  • Seip Mound Earthworks Transferred To Hopewell Culture National Historical Park
  • NPS Proposes Deaccessioning Regulation for Archeological Collections of Insufficient Interest
  • Conversation with an Archeologist: Emily Long, Archeological Technician, Sequoia &Kings Canyon National Parks
  • National Association of Black Scuba Divers Gives Award to NPS Archeologist Dave Conlin
  • The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Issues New Section 106 Guidance
  • Civil War Trust to Preserve Battlefields from Revolutionary War and War of 1812
  • Projects in Parks: Message from Staff of the Archeology E-Gram

October 2014 (.pdf)

  • Successful Celebration of International Archeology Day at Fort Stanwix National Monument
  • Webinars, Webcasts, and Videos!
  • Archaeology Days At Washita Battlefield National Historic Site
  • Lauren Meyer Will Head Intermountain Region's Vanishing Treasures Program
  • Archeologists Help Flight 93 Fire Assessment
  • Four Corners National Parks Host Pueblo-Maya Cultural Exchange
  • National Park Service Awards $2.2 Million to Protect Four Civil War Battlefields
  • Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Announces Section 106 Online Guidance
  • FEMA Announces the Unified Federal Environmental and Historic Preservation Review Process
  • Conversation with an Archeologist: Albert LeBeau, Cultural Resources Manager, Effigy Mounds NM
  • Society for American Archaeology Urges Museums to Complete Survey
  • Poverty Point Inscribed as World Heritage Site
  • Archeology Site Added to National Register of Historic Places
  • Stolen Artifacts Returned to Hopi Tribe
  • BLM Plans for Future Oil and Gas Operations in Chaco Canyon Area Questioned
  • Bureau of Reclamation Protects Items found in Emigrant Lake, Oregon
  • New Online Exhibition of Printed British Pottery and Porcelain
  • Society for American Archaeology Offers Online Workshops
  • Competition Open for Gloria S. King Research Fellowship in Archaeology
  • Archeology Field Technician Jobs at Poplar Forest
  • Slightly Off Topic: Photo of Robert E. Lee's Housekeeper Identified

September 2014 (.pdf)

  • Fort Union National Monument Completes Investigation of the Civil War Star Fort
  • New Shipwreck Surveys Completed at Isle Royale National Park
  • Joint NOAA/NPS Shipwreck Survey Underway at Golden Gate National Recreation Area
  • Live Civil War Cannonball Found at Richmond National Battlefield Park
  • Lummi Nation Returns to English Camp, San Juan Island National Historical Park
  • NPS Southeast Archeological Center Launches "15 Questions with an Archeologist"
  • Conversation with an Archeologist: Erika Stein Espaniola, Superintendent, Kalaupapa National Historical Park
  • Vandals Destroy Part of Petroglyph National Monument Trail
  • NPS Awards $1.7 Million in Grants to Protect Four Significant Civil War Battlefields
  • NPS Funds Investigations of Red Bank Battlefield Park
  • International Archaeology Day
  • New Video on Looting Released by PBS
  • Bureau of Reclamation Asks Public to Leave New Melones Lake Artifacts Alone
  • NPS National Center for Preservation Training and Technology Offers Grants
  • Fiber Identification and Analysis for Conservation
  • Projects in Parks: Berkeley Rockshelter Lithics: Inferences about the Prehistoric Use of Mount Rainier National Park
  • Slightly off topic: Archaeology or Archeology?

August 2014 (.pdf)

  • Jennifer Leasor Joins the Midwest Archeological Center as Museum Curator
  • Successful Third Year of Badlands National Park's Tribal Youth Intern Program
  • Southern Paiute Youth Camp Held at Cedar Breaks National Monument
  • Students Excavate Archeological Sites at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site
  • Manzanar National Historic Site Releases Publication
  • Teaching with Historic Places Lesson about Charlesfort-Santa Elena National Historic Landmark
  • Inaugural Virtual Wildland Fire Resource Advisor Course Presented
  • Mysterious Hotchkiss Cannon Shell Fragments Found at Scotts Bluff National Monument
  • Trading Cards Commemorate Tragedy at Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site
  • Ebey's Land National Historical Reserve Hosts Snakelum Canoe Restoration
  • Yucca House National Monument Access Challenged by Landowner
  • NPS Funds War of 1812 Research at Sackets Harbor
  • NPS Awards $500,000 in Grants to Protect Four Civil War Battlefields
  • NPS Grants Help Native Americans to Identify, Repatriate Human Remains, Cultural Objects
  • National Preservation Institute Offers GIS Training
  • Albright-Wirth Grant Program FY 2015 Cycle Now Open
  • Society for History in the Federal Government Powell Prize Call for Nominations
  • ICOMOS Condemns Irresponsible Excavation of Archeological Material in Popular Media
  • Information Wanted by BLM on Rock Art Vandals in Utah
  • NPS Settles with Employee Who Reported Missing Artifacts
  • Slightly Off Topic: NPS Ranger Johnson onWhy Spending Time Outdoors Is Civil Rights Issue

July 2014 (.pdf)

  • Archeologist at Independence National Historical Park Awarded Grant for Ceramics Research
  • Archeological Research at Chickasaw National Recreation Area Reveals Area's Past
  • NPS Archeologists Searching for Lost 1565 French Fleet at Cape Canaveral National Seashore
  • Conversation with an Archeologist: Jun Kinoshita, Yosemite National Park Fire Archeologist
  • Beckley Grist Mill Study Receives Additional Funding
  • Revolutionary War Cannon on Display at Fort Sumter National Monument
  • Bureau of Reclamation Accused of Violating NAGPRA
  • Park Acquires Significant Tract at Richmond National Battlefield Park
  • NPS Awards $1.3 Million in Battlefield Preservation Grants
  • Talking Totem Poles: Mobile Phones Aids Sitka National Historical Park's Interpretive Experience
  • NPS Awards Historic Preservation Grants to Indian Tribes, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiian Organizations
  • Suspects in Nine Mile Canyon Rock Art Vandalism Identified
  • Projects in Parks is taking a break this month.

June 2014 (.pdf)

  • Retired NPS Archeologist Mark Lynott Passes at 63
  • NPS Museum Curator David Kayser Is Retiring
  • Poverty Point National Monument Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Prehistoric Footprint Found at Bryce Canyon National Park
  • Drone Images Uncover Ancient Village Near Chaco Culture National Historical Park
  • Unmanned Aircraft Prohibited in National Parks
  • Gettysburg Archival and Museum Collections Now Online
  • Civil War Human Remains off the Auction Block, Donated to Gettysburg National Military Park
  • Werowocomoco, Powhatan's Seat of Power, May Become National Park Unit
  • New Mobile Museum Visits Effigy Mounds National Monument
  • NPS Awards $200,000 to Protect Two Civil War Battlefields
  • Conversation With an Archeologist: is taking a break this month. We're all in the field!
  • Former Superintendent of Effigy Mounds NM Faces Federal Investigation
  • Conference Held to Initiate Theme Study, Identify NHLs for Reconstruction Era
  • Archeology Informs NHL Designation Decisions at NPS Landmarks Committee Meeting
  • Rock Art in Nine Mile Canyon Vandalized, Investigation Underway
  • Library of Congress to Launch New Congressional Website
  • NPS Offers Grants for Maritime History Education and Preservation Projects
  • FLETC to Offer ARPA Training at Valley Forge National Historic Park
  • Slightly Off-Topic: 86-Year-Old NPS Employee Recognized by Yosemite National Park
  • E-Gram Guest Editor Leah Burgin
  • Projects in Parks is taking a break this month.

May 2014 (.pdf)

  • Rozanna Pfeiffer Has Retired
  • Preston Fisher Is Retiring
  • Duane Hubbard Named Superintendent of Tonto National Monument
  • Archeologist Pei-Lin Yu Leaving NPS
  • NPS Archeologist Rex Wilson Passes at 87
  • Battle Bicentennial Draws Thousands to Horseshoe Bend National Military Park
  • Hopi Tribesmen Intervene to Shore Up Hovenweep National Monument Ruins
  • Students Gather to Outline Earthwork at Hopewell Culture National Historical Park
  • Archeologists Unearth Remnants of Early Days at Booker T. Washington National Monument
  • Poverty Point National Monument's World Heritage Site Status in Doubt
  • Navajo Woman Petitions to Live at Wupatki National Monument
  • Conversation With an Archeologist: Mary Carroll, Chief, Park NAGPRA Program
  • National Park Service Awards $400,000 to Protect Three Civil War Battlefields
  • NPS Announces Grants to Help Identify and Repatriate Human Remains, Cultural Objects
  • NPS Awards Grants to Support Historic Preservation through Technology
  • Former Superintendent Fired for Damaging Resources at Effigy Mounds National Monument
  • Native American Activist Billy Frank Dies
  • New Website Creates Access to Myriad Historical Publications of Parks Canada
  • ATV Riders, Bureau of Land Management Clash Over Motorized Access to Recapture Canyon
  • NPS Group E-Mail Address Lists
  • Confederate Steamer Hijacked by Slaves Found off Coast of South Carolina
  • E-Gram Guest Editor Leah Burgin
  • Projects in Parks is taking a break this month.

April 2014 (.pdf)

  • Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail Restoration Project Recognized With State Award
  • Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park Recognized for Preservation Efforts
  • New Report on Yellowstone National Park Archeology
  • Keweenaw National Historical Park and Isle Royale National Park Sponsor Park Break Session
  • NPS Archeologist at New River Gorge Nation River Helps Local Efforts to Protect Mill Site
  • Conversation with an Archeologist: Mark Rudo
  • NPS Archeologist Publishes Book on Civic Engagement and Archeology
  • Push Underway to Make Cahokia Mounds National Park
  • Missouri Man Convicted Of ARPA Violations at Ozark National Scenic Riverway
  • Hantavirus Disease Health and Safety Update Now Available
  • Manzanar National Historic Site Garden Restoration Earns National Award
  • NPS Announces $6.5 million in Historic Preservation Grants for American Indian Tribes
  • Pompey's Pillar Defacer Punished
  • Congress Votes to Save Cultural Resource in Wilderness
  • National Geographic Channel Pulls 'Nazi War Diggers' Series
  • WAC Adopts Resolution on Archaeology and Custodial and Affiliated Communities
  • Slightly Off Topic: Saving Cultural Heritage, One Tweet at a Time
  • Projects in Parks is taking a break this month.

March 2014 (.pdf)

  • The Archeology E-Gram is Ten!
  • Fred York Has Retired
  • NPS Archeology Resource Manual Chapter on Cultural Resources and Fire Online
  • Bandelier National Monument Uses Laser Scanning to Record Pueblo
  • NPS Investigates Disappearing Alaska Archeological Sites
  • NPS Awards $525,000 to Protect Four Civil War Battlefields
  • New Discovery at Petersburg National Battlefield
  • Conversation with an Archeologist: Michael R. Peterson, Lithic Technology Specialist
  • NPS Archeologists Author Book about Civil War Archeology
  • Video News from The Archaeology Channel Focuses on National Parks
  • US Forest Service Integrating Cultural Resources into Wilderness Management
  • SAA Forms Task Force to Address Looting in Reality TV
  • California BLM Nabs Man for Archeological Vandalism
  • BLM Investigate Graffiti at Historic Hidden Cave in Nevada
  • Slightly Off Topic: Star Wars dubbed in Navajo!
  • Projects in Parks: is taking a brief hiatus and will return soon.

February 2014 (.pdf)

  • NPS Archeology Program Posts Webinars
  • Climate Change and Cultural Resources Video about Colonial National Historical Park Released
  • Conversation with an Archeologist: Julie Steele
  • Utah County Wants ATV Road Through Archeological District
  • BLM offers $1,000 for information on archeological looting
  • Archeological Resources No Justification for Monument Expansion
  • Virginia Tribe to be First Federally Recognized in State
  • FCC Proposes Alternative to Section 106 for Positive Train Control System
  • New Yorker Publishes Article about Valley Fever
  • Preserving history: $4.3M OK'd for NPS artifacts storage facility in Townsend, Tennessee
  • Fort Vancouver National Historic Site Offers Field School
  • Slightly Off Topic: Winter builds rare icy path to ice caves at Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
  • Projects in Parks: High Alpine Lakeside Villages and Rock Art in the Brooks Range, Alaska

January 2014 (.pdf)

  • Museum Resource Center Director Selected
  • New Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve Manager Hired
  • Fire Program Cultural Resources Supporter Jeff Manley Retires
  • Joint Research by NPS and Florida State University Benefits Archeological Resources
  • NPS Funds Climate Change Research that Will Assist Archeologists
  • Afghanistani Archeology Professor Presents her Work to NPS WASO
  • Six Archeology Articles in Fall 2013 Park Science!
  • NPS Partners and Employees Receive DOI Awards for Conservation Partnerships and Environmental Achievement
  • NPS Awards $2.2 million in Historic Preservation Grants for American Indian Tribes
  • NPS Awards $950,000 to Protect Seven Civil War Battlefields
  • Two Guilty in Metal Detector Use at Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park
  • SAA Government Affairs Update
  • Secret Bids Purchase and Return Hopi Cultural Objects
  • SAA Announces Scholarship for New Mexico Women
  • Project Archaeology Offers Investigating Shelter to Teachers
  • Archaeological Institute of America Offers Grants
  • National Center for Preservation Technology and Training Offers Training in Mapping
  • Interest in 2014 TICRAT?
  • Call for Nominations: the John L. Cotter Award for Excellence in NPS Archeology
  • Slightly Off Topic: Ask a Slave!
  • Projects in Parks: Ice Patch Archeology and Paleoecology in Glacier National Park

December 2013 (.pdf)

  • NPS Team Studies Historic Sod House
  • Cannon Returned To Saratoga National Historical Park
  • Group Encourages People to Adopt Cannons at Forts Where Civil War Began
  • Fort Vancouver National Historic Site Publishes E-Book
  • University of Montana Publishes Second of Two Volumes on Yellowstone Archeology
  • MOU Signed between Tribes, Federal Agencies and the State for Reburial of Native American Human Remains in Colorado
  • NPS Wildland Fire Management Program Seeking Input
  • NPS Museum Program Launches Facebook Page
  • Site Stewardship Volunteer Receives Honor from BLM, Wyoming SHPO
  • HUD Releases Tribal Directory Assessment Tool
  • Congressional Bills Introduced
  • The Digital Archeological Record Compiles, Offers, Antiquities Act Resources
  • Adverse Effects to Amity Pueblo Still Unresolved
  • ACHP 2014 Section 106 Training Schedule
  • Yosemite National Park Offers Wildland Fire Resource Advisor Training
  • Slightly Off Topic: Janet Stephens, Hairdressing Archeologist
  • Projects in Parks: Message from Staff of the Archeology E-Gram.

November 2013 (.pdf)

  • Lloyd Masayumptewa to Head Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site
  • NPS Archeologist John Jameson Retires
  • NPS Honors Employees for Cultural Resource Work
  • International Archaeology Day Event at San Marcos de Apalache Historic State Park
  • Watch Videos from the Urban Archeology Corps on YouTube
  • Fluted Points Dating to 12,000 BP Found in Bering Land Bridge Preserve
  • Bent's New Fort Dedicated
  • Conversation with an Archeologist: John Knoerl
  • BLM Reports Vandalism at Pompeys Pillar NM
  • NPS Cultural Resources Diversity Internship Program call for 2014 Project Proposals
  • Society for American Archaeology Offers Free Online Seminar
  • 2014 Park Break Sessions will Explore Archeology
  • Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory Offers Fellowship
  • Pigment Identification Workshop
  • Petrographic Analysis for Conservation
  • International Cemetery Preservation Summit
  • NPS Offers Archeological Prospection Workshop
  • Slightly Off Topic: Betty Reid Soskin
  • Projects in Parks is taking a break this month.

October 2013 (.pdf)

  • NPS Celebrates International Archaeology Day 2013
  • AIA Requests Information about International Archaeology Day in Form
  • Flint Knapping Demonstration at New River Gorge National River
  • Archeology in Petrified Forest National Park
  • Federal Shutdown Puts Archeological Resources in Parks at Risk
  • New Addition to Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park Protects Historic Site
  • New Podcast Series Highlights Shipwrecks at Biscayne National Park
  • NPS Focuses On Structural Fire Prevention
  • Conversation with an Archeologist
  • Southern Paiute Youth Learn Lessons From The Past
  • Rescheduled: Intellectual Property - How it Affects NPS Cultural Resources
  • SAA Offers Online Seminar on Public Archeology
  • TRB Offers Free Webinar: Successful Practices for Effective Tribal Consultation
  • National Preservation Institute Offers NHPA Section 106 Training
  • Projects in Parks: The Montana-Yellowstone Archeological Project at Yellowstone Lake.

September 2013 (.pdf)

  • Cabrillo National Monument Celebrates its Centennial
  • Dinosaur National Monument Celebrates its Centennial
  • International Archaeology Day
  • Latino History Research and Training Center Established
  • Tribal Interns Reconnect to Public Lands at Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument
  • Community Event Traces the 1877 Journey to Nicodemus
  • New Tool Helps NPS Share History with Teacher and Students
  • Newark Earthworks on track to clinch World Heritage Status
  • Conversation With An Archeologist: Elaine Hale
  • Archeology Positions in Federal Government Affected by Sequestration
  • Chaco Digital Archives Adds 900 New Sites to Data Base
  • SAA Launches New Research Journal
  • California Man Convicted Of ARPA Violations
  • First NAGPRA Training for Hawaii Parks Held at Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park
  • Intellectual Property - How it Affects NPS Cultural Resources
  • Projects in Parks: is taking a break this month.

August 2013 (.pdf)

  • Bandelier National Monument Museum Technician Gary Roybal Retires
  • Archeological Investigations in Kobuk Valley National Park
  • Archeologists Discover Prehistoric Village at Tumacacori National Historical Park
  • Tribal College Holds Archeological Field School at NPS Site
  • Archeology Merit Badge at the 2013 Boy Scouts Jamboree
  • NPS Director Signs MOU with UK on Management of HMS Fowey Archeology Site
  • Joint Archeology Remote Sensing Project at Horseshoe Bend National Military Park
  • Four New Members on NPS Cotter Award Committee
  • Annual Children's Archeology Day Held at Effigy Mounds National Monument
  • Chickasaw Students Explore Ancestral Homelands In Natchez Trace Parkway
  • New Webinars Posted on NPS Archeology Program Website
  • Conversation With an Archeologist: Vergil Noble
  • Ninth Circuit Court Finds BLM Management Plan for Upper Missouri Breaks National Monument in Violation of Cultural Resource Law
  • NPS Structural Fire Program Has Tips for Protecting Cultural Resources from Fire
  • NPS Historic Preservation Grants go to Indian tribes, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Groups
  • Albright-Wirth Grant Program Proposals Now Being Accepted
  • Projects in Parks: Solving the Mystery of the English China Wreck at Biscayne National Park

July 2013 (.pdf)

  • Liza Rupp, New Park Representative on NPS GIS Council
  • Denali National Park and Preserve Archeologists Leads Field School
  • NPS Archeology Program Posts Webpages on Archeology for Scouts and Others
  • NPS Archeologists Explore New Ground for Interpretation at Fort Smith National Historic Site
  • Sitka National Historical Park Totem Poles Enters Digital Age
  • Conversation with an Archeologist: Pei Lin Yu
  • New Tools For Examining, Interpreting And Managing Fort Monroe National Monument
  • NPS Awards Grants to Support Historic Preservation through Technology
  • NPS Awards Battlefield Preservation Grants
  • NPS Announces NAGPRA Grants
  • Park NAGPRA Program Offers Training
  • Symposium Offered on Battlefield Archeology: Global Perspectives in Research and Preservation
  • SAA Offers Seminar on Laser Scanning
  • Projects in Parks: Archeology at the Kuka'iwa'a Landshelf, Kalaupapa NH

June 2013 (.pdf)

  • Erika Stein Selected as Superintendent of Kalaupapa National Historical Park
  • Melissa Memory Selected As Fort Pulaski Superintendent
  • Site Restoration at Bandelier National Monument Facilitated By Helicopter
  • Vandals Inflict Major Damage On Petroglyphs at Lava Beds National Monument
  • NAGPRA Repatriation Completed at Natchez Trace Parkway
  • Historic Cannons Return to Fort Moultrie
  • Whiskeytown NRC holds California Site Stewardship Program
  • Park NAGPRA Program Presents Training Session for Alaska Region via Videoconference
  • Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve Hosts Jicarilla Apache Cultural Youth Camp
  • NPS National Capital Region Launches Archeology Website
  • Significant John Smith Trail Site Preserved
  • Government Affairs and International Government Affairs Update From SAA
  • NPS Mather Training Center and WASO Learning and Development Offer NHPA Training
  • NPS Mather Training Center Offers Cultural Resources Preservation and Treatment Class
  • It's Time to Register for the Pecos Conference!
  • Climate Change Threatens Historic Jamestowne
  • Cultural Resources in the Climate Change Response Program
  • NPS Climate Change Response Program Offers Cultural Resource Webinars
  • Other informational resources on the Web about climate change
  • Projects in Parks is taking a break this month

May 2013 (.pdf)

  • Joy Beasley Named Chief of NPS National Capital Region Cultural Resources
  • 2013 Winners Announced for John L. Cotter Award for Excellence in NPS Archeology
  • North Cascades National Park Archeologist Bob Mierendorf Retires
  • Scott Tucker Named Superintendent at Lewis and Clark National Historical Park
  • NPS Issues New Director's Order and Reference Manual for Wilderness
  • Pueblo Stories in New Mexico Honored
  • Saratoga National Historical Park Carries Out Archeological Survey
  • Wildland Fire Forecast for Coming Summer Issued
  • Museum Response Team Aids In Hurricane Recovery
  • Cannibalism at Jamestown Settlement Confirmed
  • San Jose de los Jemez Mission Becomes NHL
  • Defense Department Announces Call for Legacy Program Pre-Proposals
  • Projects in Parks is taking a break this month

April 2013 (.pdf)

  • NPS Archeologist Jeff Richner Retired
  • Southwest Archeologist Linda Cordell Dies
  • NPS Director Signs MOU with Spanish Government
  • ArcheoThursday Webinars Available on NPS Archeology Program Website
  • Archeological Survey of the Bark Canada, a Gold Rush Era Shipwreck
  • NPS Announces a New Archeological Teaching with Historic Places Lesson Plan
  • Grave Marker Preservation Project Completed
  • Obama Administration Opposes Bills to Limit Antiquities Act
  • Abandoned Mineral Lands Report Issued
  • NPS Student Employee Network Launches Newsletter
  • National Park Service's 2013 Archeological Prospection Workshop Reminder
  • Navy Offers Advanced NHPA Section 106 Training
  • Projects in Parks is taking a break this month

March 2013 (.pdf)

  • New NPS Chief Anthropologist Named
  • NPS Intermountain Region (IMR) Hires Archeologist as Assistant Regional Director
  • CEQ Releases Handbooks on Improving Efficiency of Federal Environmental Reviews
  • 2013 NPS Diving Intern Selected
  • Restoration Begins on the Shenandoah Valley's Bloodiest Battlefield
  • Workshop Helps Preserve Shared Resources along the Mexican Border
  • Presidential Proclamations Establishes Five National Monuments
  • National Park Service Awards Civil War Battlefield Land Acquisition Grants
  • National Register Program Requests Comments on Identifying, Evaluating, and Documenting Traditional Cultural Properties and Native American Landscapes
  • Training Offered on Preservation Planning and Policy Development for Historic Roads

February 2013 (.pdf)

  • Secretary of the Interior Historic Preservation Award Given to BLM Archeologist
  • NPS Albright-Wirth Grant Program Award Recipients Announced
  • President Appoints Lynne Sebastian to Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
  • Federal Archeologists Meeting Held
  • Museum Management Program Re-launches Web Catalog
  • National Preservation Institute Offers Two Seminars on Cemetery Preservation
  • Resource Specialists Needed for Post-Wildfire Response Teams
  • Francois Deloeuil website launched
  • Man Pleads Guilty to Removal of Cultural Resources at Glen Canyon NRA

January 2013 (.pdf)

  • NPS Archeologist Mark Lynott Retires
  • NPS Chief Archeologist Receives Award
  • Passing of Physicist John Weymouth
  • NPS Launches New Cultural Landscapes Webpage
  • John L. Cotter Award for Excellence in NPS Archeology Call for Nominations
  • Interior Departmental Consulting Archeologist Requests Data for Federal Archeology Report
  • Section 106: Agreement Documents Seminar
  • NPS Archeology Program Posts More Webinars on Current Topics in Archeology

December 2012 (.pdf)

  • NPS Vanishing Treasures Program Manager Virginia Salazar-Halfmoon Retires
  • Glacier NP Superintendent Chas Cartwright Retires
  • Message from Editorial and Production Staff of Archeology E-Gram
  • Fiesta at Tumacácori National Historical Park Draws Thousands
  • 150th Anniversary of USS Cairo Sinking Commemorated at Vicksburg National Military Park
  • Mesa Verde National Park Opens New Visitor and Research Center
  • Cultural Resources in NPS Climate Change Webinar Series
  • Training Offered for Petrographic Analysis for Conservation
  • Projects in Parks: List of 2012 PiP Reports

November 2012 (.pdf)

  • Dava Davy McGahee Announces Her Retirement
  • Physicist Given National Honor for Archeological Geology
  • New Archeologist at NPS National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT)
  • NPS Archeology Program Sponsors Webinars on Current Topics in Archeology
  • Festival at Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park Focuses On Hawaiian Culture
  • Petroglyph Boulder to be returned to Capitol Reef National Park
  • Students Participate in Workshop at Navajo National Monument
  • 2012 Cultural Resource Activities at Carlsbad Caverns National Park
  • New NPS Website Provides Information for Native Americans
  • Hands-on Archeology Programs at Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park
  • Man Punished for Removing Human Remains from Wilson's Creek National Battlefield
  • Chief Archeologist of Albanian National Park visits Fort Stanwix National Monument
  • NPS Park NAGPRA Workshop in Southeast Region Open for Registration
  • National Park Service's 2013 Archeological Prospection Workshop
  • Projects in Parks: is taking a break this month

October 2012 (.pdf)

  • Retired NPS Archeologist Honored by Plains Anthropological Society at 2012 Meeting
  • Digital Survey of Fort Matanzas Completed
  • NPS National Capital Region Office of Communications Produces Archeology Youtube Videos
  • NPS Celebrates National Archaeology Day
  • Teacher Workshops Held At Effigy Mounds National Monument
  • Interior Designates 27 New National Landmarks - Landmarks Honor Nation's Cultural and Natural Heritage
  • Petersburg National Battlefield History Club Brings Communities Together
  • Interior Department Honors 2012 "Partners in Conservation" Award Winners
  • Hopewell Culture National Historical Park Uses Resource Damage Settlement for Archeology
  • Prosecutions Continue In Operation Artifact
  • Lowell National Historical Park Hosts Centuries Old Southeast Asian Ceramics Tradition
  • NPS Awards Civil War Battlefield Land Acquisition Grants
  • Projects in Parks: Projects in Parks needs you!

September 2012 (.pdf)

  • NPS Archeologist Richard Waldbauer Retires
  • Partnership Achievement Award Named For NPS Employees
  • New Departmental Consulting Archeologist Named
  • National Park Service Honors Employees for Cultural Resource Work
  • Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Reconnects Native American Youth with Resources
  • Five Convicted for Disturbing Artifacts on TVA-Managed Land
  • It's Not Too Late! National Archaeology Day Reminder
  • Projects in Parks: Hawaiian Presence at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site

August 2012 (.pdf)

  • Passing of Former NPS Archeologist Jim Thomson
  • Archeological "After Hours" Event at Cowpens National Battlefield
  • Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site Celebrates Native American Culture
  • DOI Secretary Salazar and NPS Director Jarvis Announce $1.66 Million in NAGPRA Grants
  • Urban Archeology Corps at Anacostia Park Holds Community History Day
  • The E-Gram is Illustrated!
  • Top Scientists Examine Resource Stewardship in National Parks
  • Elwha Tribe Wants Uncovered Legendary Creation Site
  • Archeological Resources in NPS HABS/HAER/HALS
  • Projects in Parks: Is taking a break

July 2012 (.pdf)

  • NPS Archeologist Tom Burge Retires
  • Lynch Knife River Flint Quarry National Historic Landmark Dedicated
  • Students Participate In Hands-On Projects at Hopewell Culture National Historical Park
  • Upcoming PBS History Detectives Episode Features Battlefield
  • Casa Grande Ruins National Monument Opens New Visitor Center Theater
  • Cherokee Cultural Heritage Weekend Held at Fort Necessity National Battlefield
  • National Archaeology Day Reminder
  • NPS Awards Battlefield Preservation Grants
  • Archeological Resources in the NPS "Travel Itinerary Series"
  • 2013 Albright-Wirth Grant Program Launched
  • Projects in Parks: Mapping an Armory Grounds Tailrace in Harpers Ferry National Historic Park

June 2012 (.pdf)

  • Passing of Archeologist Bill Rathje
  • NPS Archeologist Remembers Bill Rathje
  • New NPS Climate Change Adaptation Coordinator for Cultural Resources
  • Visitors Peer Into Past at Archeological Open House at Hopewell Culture National Historical Park
  • NPS Awards Civil War Battlefield Land Acquisition Grants
  • San Antonio Missions Cleared by Department of the Interior for World Heritage Nomination
  • National Park Foundation Awards $658,000 to 2012 America's Best Idea Grant Recipients
  • Archeological Resources in "Teaching with Historic Places"
  • National NAGPRA Launches On-Demand Training Video Series
  • NPS History Program Offers Training in Oral History
  • Registration for 2012 Pecos Conference
  • Mount Vernon's Mystery Midden
  • Projects in Parks: Projects in Parks is taking a break this month.

May 2012 (.pdf)

  • SAA Honors Former NPS Archeology Program Employee Bennie Keel
  • NPS NCPTT Awards Funding for Three Archeology Projects
  • Chaco Culture National Historical Park Dedicates New Visitor Center
  • Effects of Fire on Cultural Resources and Archaeology Published
  • Webinar on Writing Section 8 (National Significance) Nominations for Archeological Properties
  • President Obama Signs Proclamation Designating Fort Ord National Monument
  • Comments Requested on Traditional Cultural Properties and Native American Landscapes
  • Park Science Publishes Articles on Cultural Resources Management in Wilderness Areas
  • Teaching with Archeology: Spotlight on National Center for Preservation Technology and Training
  • Antiquities Smuggler Sentenced
  • FLETC Offers Archeological Resources Protection Training Program
  • Projects in Parks: The Workers Who Built the C&O Canal.

April 2012 (.pdf)

  • NPS Announces 2012 Cotter Award Winners
  • Lynn Black, NPS Museum Management Program, Retires
  • Yellowstone National Park Has New Park Archeologist
  • SCA Interns Catalogue Collection at Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site
  • Archeological Survey at Fort Stanwix National Monument Informs Preservation Management
  • Tools for Wilderness Character Available for Review
  • Teaching with Archeology: Spotlight on Project Archaeology
  • More Convictions from Operation Antiquity
  • Exchange Students Fined For Vandalism in El Morro National Monument
  • Convicted Relic Hunter Sentenced To Jail Term
  • Death of Southwest Archeologist David A. Breternitz
  • Projects in Parks: NPS Archeologists Assist in Locating Graves at Vicksburg National Cemetery.

March 2012 (.pdf)

  • Death of Archeologist Patrick Mullen
  • Death of Southwest Archeologist David A. Breternitz
  • Steamtown National Historical Site Celebrates National Park Week with Archeological Exhibit
  • Interior Departmental Consulting Archeologist Requests Data for Federal Archeology Report
  • Archeological Resources in "Teaching with Museum Collections"
  • New Archeological National Historic Landmark Designated
  • Archaeological Institute of America Organizes National Archeology Day
  • Voice of America Offers Radio Archeology Program
  • Fire READ Training Offered
  • Submerged Resources Archaeological Damage Assessment Methods Offered
  • Projects in Parks: New Archeological Discoveries at Moores Creek National Battlefield.

February 2012 (.pdf)

  • Steve Pendery Retires from NPS
  • Becky Saleeby Retires
  • NPS has Repository for Tree-Ring Samples
  • Archeologists Condemn Reality TV Shows
  • The Federal Archeologist's Bookshelf: Uncovering History: The Legacy of Archeological Investigations at the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument
  • Submerged Cultural Resources Law Enforcement Training
  • Archeological Resources Protection Training Program
  • Archeological Damage Assessment Methods
  • Submerged Cultural Resources Awareness Workshop at SAA Meeting in Memphis
  • Petrographic Analysis for Conservation Workshop
  • Projects in Parks is taking a break this month.

January 2012 (.pdf)

  • NPS to Develop Guidance on Valley Fever for Archeologists
  • Sue Renaud Has Retired
  • Passing Of Diane Nicholson
  • The Federal Archeologist's Bookshelf: Saugus Iron Works: The Roland W. Robbins Excavations, 1948-1953
  • NPS Museum Database Goes Live
  • Archeology Reveals History Of Stanton House at Women's Rights NHP
  • Prescribed Fire Renews Traditional Practice at Pinnacles NM
  • Interpol's Cultural Property Program Re-organizes
  • Projects in Parks: In the Beginning: Archeology of George Washington's Birthplace

December 2011 (.pdf)

  • Early 19th Century Enslaved Cemetery Discovered at Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve
  • Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park Crews Repair Damaged Seawalls
  • African Burial Ground National Monument Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Cemetery Discovery
  • Pipe Spring National Monument Celebrates Native American Indian Heritage Month
  • Ancient Way Fall Festival Brings the Past to Life at El Morro National Monument
  • Southern Paiute Elders Teach Tribal Youth at Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument
  • Wind Cave National Park Acquires Significant Archeological Resources
  • Beringia Days Conference Held In Alaska
  • NPS Historian Kevin Foster Has Retired
  • Susan Trail Heads Antietam National Battlefield
  • NPS Awards Civil War Battlefield Land Acquisition Grants
  • NPS Emergency Support Function (ESF) #11 Responders Help States Preserve Cultural Resources
  • NPS Northeast Museum Services Center Offers Social Media Policy
  • Civil War Interpretive Guides Published
  • NPS Oral History Training Session Held At Everglades National Park
  • Legislative Activities Pertaining to Archeology—September-December 2011
  • Senate Field Hearing at Mesa Verde National Park
  • Archaeological Resource Protection Act (ARPA) Cases in the News
  • Message from Editorial and Production Staff of Archeology E-Gram
  • Projects in Parks: List of 2011 PiP Reports

September 2011 (.pdf)

  • Passing of Former National Park Service Director, Roger Kennedy
  • Archeology Program Completes Study of NPS Civic Engagement
  • NPS Archeology Program Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month!
  • ARPA Prosecution Results In Guilty Plea at New River Gorge National River
  • Secretary of the Interior honors Bureau of Land Management's Project Archaeology
  • National Interagency Prescribed Fire Training Center to Offer Prescribed Fire Workshop for Resource Specialists December 4-9, 2011
  • Compliance Archeology at Saratoga National Historical Park
  • New exhibit at MNA features Grand Canyon Archeology
  • Projects in Parks: Archeological Research at Salt River Bay NHP & EP, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

August 2011 (.pdf)

  • NPS Selects New Chief Archeologist
  • Anne Worthington Has Retired
  • Passing Of Former NPS Archeologist George Cattanach
  • NPS Updates "Strategies for Protecting Archeological Sites on Private Lands"
  • Man Sentenced To Jail For Petroglyph Defacement
  • Society for American Archeology Commends Federal Wildland Fire Fighters
  • NPS Sessions at the Association for African American Museums
  • Trail Of Tears Teachers Workshop Held
  • Koosharem Band Of Paiutes Renew Ancestral Ties with Capitol Reef National Park Lands
  • Special Issue of the SAA Bulletin Available
  • New Director of ICOMOS
  • Presidio Trust Offers Training on Cultural Resource Interpretation
  • Projects in Parks: Projects in Parks is taking a break this month

July 2011 (.pdf)

  • Archeologist Named Superintendent of Klondike Gold Rush NHP, Seattle
  • Passing of Ethnobotanist Richard Yarnell
  • Workshop at Palo Alto Battlefield NHP Emphasizes Teaching with Artifacts
  • NPS Offers Opportunities to Retired Archeologists
  • Kingsley Plantation Hosts Archeology Workshop
  • Great Sioux Nation Holds Treaty Conference at Fort Laramie NHS
  • Researchers use 3D Technology to Study History at Longfellow House-Washington's Headquarters
  • Archeology in Workshop to Engage Youth at Fort Vancouver
  • Secretary Designates New National Historic Landmarks
  • New Archeologist ACHP Council Member Appointed
  • Projects in Parks: Projects in Parks is taking a break this month

June 2011 (.pdf)

  • NPS Archeologist Mourns the Passing of Lewis Binford
  • James "Doc" Price Has Retired
  • Passing Of Carla Martin
  • Archeological Workshop Attendees Investigate Earthworks at Palo Alto Battlefield NHP
  • Death Valley Cultural Site Assessments
  • Significant Archeological Discoveries Made In White Sands National Monument
  • Gunaaxóo Kwaan Hold Historic Event At Dry Bay, Glacier Bay National Preserve
  • Big Hole National Battlefield Camp Connects Youth to Tribal Culture and Battlefield History
  • Kids Colonial Camp Held at Kings Mountain National Military Park
  • Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve Receives Cultural Resource Award
  • Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park Celebrates its 50th Anniversary
  • Historic Museum at Tuzigoot National Monument Reopens with New Exhibits
  • Japan's Public TV to Feature Manzanar National Historic Site Gardens
  • Landmarks Committee Recommends the Carrizo Plain Archeological District as a Potential NHL
  • Archaeological Survey Technologies, Data Integration, and Applications Workshop and Seminar
  • NPS NAGPRA Workshop in Intermountain Region Open for Registration
  • National NAGPRA Webinar Offered
  • NPS Offers "Effective Oral History" Course
  • 2011 Summer Speaker Series at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site
  • Civil War Commemorations
  • Projects in Parks: The History of the Spring Enclosure, Fort Davis National Historic Site

May 2011 (.pdf)

  • NPS Archeologist William Hunt Retires
  • Passing of Herbert Anungazuk
  • Olympic NP Archeologist Honored by Washington State After Retiring
  • Kendrick New Regional Archeologist for NPS Northeast Region
  • NPS Archeologist Honored at Regional Conference
  • Volunteers Needed for Archeology Project in San Francisco
  • EPA Releases Native American Consultation Policy
  • Micro Grants Offered For Modern-Day Mather Hikes
  • August is Archeology Month at the National Register of Historic Places
  • Civil War Commemorations
  • Projects in Parks: Projects in Parks is taking a break this month. It will be back in June.

April 2011 (.pdf)

  • NPS Archeology Program Website has a New Front Page
  • NPS Awards Cotter Award to Douglas Wilson
  • Special Agent Todd Swain Represents U.S. at International Conference
  • NPS Archeologist Attends Training in Mexico
  • Passing of Lewis Roberts Binford
  • Junior Ranger Day at Historic Jamestowne
  • NPS Archeology Program Updates Distance Learning Courses on Interpreting Archeology
  • Man Sentenced for Vandalism to Important Petroglyph
  • Hiker Pleads Guilty To ARPA Violation
  • FCC Offers Training on Historic Preservation Compliance
  • 2011 Pecos Conference
  • The Archaeology Channel Offers News Stories
  • Civil War Commemorations
  • Projects in Parks: Thomas Cresap and Maryland's Colonial Frontier

March 2011 (.pdf)

  • Archeology Program Website has New Front Page
  • Important Taino Petroglyph Discovered
  • Natchez Trace Parkway repatriates to Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
  • Cultural Resources at the George Wright Society Meeting
  • NPS Vanishing Treasures Superintendents Honor Toothman
  • 3-D Film Comes to the NPS!
  • New State Pages on NPS Website
  • Rosie Pepito to Head Grand Canyon-Parashant NM
  • Crow Canyon Archaeology Center Partners with Mesa Verde NP on Pottery Analysis
  • Northeastern Native American Stonework Given Recognition in Film
  • Professor Pleads Guilty in Artifacts Case
  • Durango Artifacts Dealer Pleads Guilty in Trafficking Case
  • Project Archaeology: Investigating Shelter -Archaeology of the Colonial Chesapeake
  • New Archeology E-Gram Feature: Civil War Commemorations
  • Projects in Parks: Surveillance and Control on a Plantation Landscape

February 2011 (.pdf)

  • The Archeology Program Celebrates African American History Month
  • Grand Canyon National Park Celebrates Archeology Day
  • Federal-Private Partnership Funds Historic Preservation and Conservation
  • DOI Issues Scientific Integrity Policy
  • NPS Seeking Archeology Program Manager
  • FLETC Offers ARPA Training
  • Upcoming NPS National NAGPRA Program webinars
  • Resource Advisor Training
  • Projects in Parks: Making Prehistoric Music: Musical Instruments from Ancestral Puebloan Sites

January 2011 (.pdf)

  • NPS Archeology Program Releases 2004-2007 Report on Federal Archeology
  • NPS Archeologist Virgil Noble wins Ruppé Service Award from Society for Historical Archaeology
  • Archeologist to Speak in NPS "Climate Change in America's National Parks" Webinar
  • Former Chairman of Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Wins Archeology Award
  • NPS Northeast Museum Services Center Offers Archeology Blog
  • Archives Research Project Pays Off
  • 2011 NPS Park NAGPRA Intern Projects Selected
  • Fort Vancouver NHS Offers 2011 Artifact Calendar
  • NPS Recruiting for Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Teams
  • Visitor Caught Collecting Artifacts in Fort Bowie NHS
  • Man Sentenced in Two Year Cultural Resources Sting
  • NPS to Offer Oral History Training
  • Summer Jobs with NPS HABS/HAER/HALS
  • Projects in Parks: Historic Preservation and Resource Documentation at the Abó Painted Rocks Site

December 2010 (.pdf)

  • Rodman Cannon Mounted At Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas NP
  • Indigenous Cultural Landscapes, Trail Planning, and Land Conservation in the Chesapeake Bay
  • NPS Intermountain Region Offers Resource Advising Training
  • National Park Service's 2011 Archeological Prospection Workshop
  • New Conserve O Gram technical leaflets
  • Student Loan Repayment Program Available to NPS Archeologists
  • Message from Editorial and Production Staff of E-Gram
  • Projects in Parks: List of 2010 PiP Reports

November 2010 (.pdf)

  • Students Excavate Ancestral Cherokee House
  • Archeological Investigation Underway At Fort Mason
  • Man Sentenced For ARPA Violation
  • Cultural Resources Stolen from NPS sites are Recovered
  • National Historic Landmarks Committee Recommends Two Archeological Sites
  • Call for Papers for Park Science Volume on Wilderness
  • Exploring the Past: Archeology in the Upper Mississippi River Valley
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation has issued a major new report
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation Launches Cultural Heritage Tourism Survival Toolkit
  • The Archaeology Channel Interviews Tom King on NHPA and NEPA
  • UNESCO approves a World Heritage Thematic Program on Prehistory
  • Projects in Parks: An Ancestral Puebloan Community in Morefield Canyon, Mesa Verde NP

October 2010 (.pdf)

  • New Date Set for Federal Archeology Program Data Call
  • Archeological Excavations at Boston National Historic Park
  • Archeological Collections Management Team, Northeast Museum Services Center has Stellar Year
  • NPSArcheology Twitter Feed
  • Role for Archeology in NPS Response to Climate Change
  • New Website for the Chaco Digital Initiative
  • NPS Announces Appleman-Judd-Lewis Awards
  • NPS Announces 393rd Park: River Raisin National Battlefield in Monroe, Michigan
  • Apply Now to Become a Preserve America Steward
  • Archeology Events at the American Anthropological Association
  • NHPA Section 106 Training Offered
  • NEH Grant Competition
  • Projects in Parks: Projects in Parks is taking a break this month.

September 2010 (.pdf)

  • Back to School with Archeology!
  • Alaska High Students Participate in Dig in Bering Land Bridge National Preserve
  • David Yubeta Announces Retirement
  • NPS National Register of Historic Places Celebrates Archeology Month
  • Sauk-Suiattle Tribe Retraces Ancient Travel Route
  • NPS Awards $2.1 million for Civil War Battlefields
  • NPS Awards $1.3 Million in Preserve America Grants Projects in 16 States
  • NTHP Report on Section 106 Released
  • ARPA Cases in South Dakota Completed
  • Archeologists Assessing Damage to a 1,000 Year Old Petroglyph in Northern Arizona
  • 100th Anniversary of the Big Burn
  • Projects in Parks: The Ceramics Assemblage from the Kingsley Plantation Slave Quarters

August 2010 (.pdf)

  • NPS “Archeology for Kids” Webpage Chosen as Site of the Month on Kids.gov
  • New NPS Archeology Resource Manual Module
  • Independence NHP Archeology Lab Designated Preserve America Steward
  • Cultural Resource Survey Conducted At International Site in Maine
  • NPS Crews Work Together To Repair Historic Site in Hawaii
  • Slave Quarters Discovered at Monocacy National Battlefield
  • Looter Caught at Chickamauga and Chattanooga NMP
  • Chimney Rock National Monument Act Bill in Senate
  • Army Corps of Engineers Veterans Curation Program Funding Proposal in House
  • National Park Foundation Offers Impact Grants
  • National Register/National Historic Landmark Workshop for Archeologists
  • NPS to Offer Archeology Interpretation Workshop
  • NPS Offers Training in Recording Oral Histories
  • Advisory Council on Historic Preservation publishes Guide on Section 106
  • Projects in Parks: Tree Ring Dating at Mesa Verde National Park

July 2010 (.pdf)

  • NPS Director’s Award for Natural Resources Given to Archeologist
  • Archeologist Eric Brunnemann Selected As Superintendent of Badlands National Park
  • Archeologists Find Washington’s Dining Hall at Valley Forge National Historic Site
  • Archeological Excavations at Fort Raleigh National Historic Site
  • New Exhibits Tell Native American Story of Glacier National Park
  • Two Sentenced for Looting
  • NPS Special Agent Reports on Agency Museum Theft
  • Big Hole National Monument is 100 Years Old
  • Volunteers needed for Archeology Event at Yosemite National Park
  • USFS to Offer Archeological Violation Investigation Training
  • ARPA Grants Available
  • $1.2 million in 25 NPS Grants Awarded to Preserve Battlefields
  • Newberry Library in Chicago Releases “Atlas of Historical County Boundaries”
  • Projects in Parks: A New Vázquez de Coronado Site at El Morro National Monument

June 2010 (.pdf)

  • Stephanie Toothman Named NPS Associate Director, Cultural Resources
  • Milford Wayne Donaldson New Chairman of Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
  • Stephanie Meeks New President of the National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • What's that in the sky? Is it a bird? A plane? No - It's an Archeologist!
  • Nominations Solicited for the 2009 Appleman-Judd-Lewis Award
  • Archeology Students Document Immigrant Trails
  • Volunteers Needed for Archeology Project at Valley Forge NHP
  • Cultural Objects Returned to National Park of American Samoa after Tsunami
  • Defense Department Legacy Management Program Competition Open
  • NPS Develops Oral History Directory
  • Volunteers Help Reestablish Minute Man NHP Cultural Landscape
  • New Noncompetitive Hiring Authority in Place
  • FLETC to Offer Training in Archeological Resource Protection
  • Projects in Parks: Projects in Parks is taking a break this month. We hope to bring you a new report in July.

May 2010 (.pdf)

  • DOI Archeologists Work to Protect Sites During Oil Spill Response
  • 2010 Wildland Fire Season Outlook: A Call to NPS Archeologists
  • NPS Archeology Program Celebrates National Oceans Month
  • Two Sentenced for Looting Yakama Nation Cultural Site
  • DOI Secretary Approves Cape Wind Energy Project
  • Registration Open for 2010 Pecos Conference
  • CRM Journal Features Interview with Hester Davis
  • NASA Offers Remote Sensing Training for Archeologists
  • 2010 Biennial Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Units (CESU) Network National Meeting
  • BOR Releases Film about Looting of Military Cemetery
  • Federal Publications: Kingsley Plantation Ethnohistorical Study
  • Projects in Parks: Archeology in Alaska Park Science

April 2010 (.pdf)

  • Two Join NPS Intermountain Region Archeology Program
  • Lauren Meyer Joins NPS Intermountain Region Vanishing Treasures Program
  • Two Convicted for ARPA Violations
  • Native American Petroglyphs Vandalized
  • NPS Archeologists Meet at the Society for American Archaeology Meeting
  • Archeological Survey of Palo Alto BNHP
  • Archeological Exhibits Bring Story of Pueblo in Grand Canyon NP to Life
  • NPS Public Engagement in Science and History
  • Fort Vancouver NHS Offers Historic Archeology Field School
  • ACHP Preparing Principles on Tribal Consultation
  • Apply Now to Become a Preserve America Steward
  • Army Corps of Engineers Opens Veterans Curation Program Archeology Laboratories
  • Projects in Parks: Exploring the Fire and Archeology Interface

March 2010 (.pdf)

  • Death of NPS Special Agent Susan Morton
  • Lloyd Chapman to Retire
  • Jeffrey Durbin Named as NPS WASO NHPA Section 106 Compliance Manager
  • NPS Archeology WASO Welcomes Intern
  • NPS Archeology Program Develops New Web Page
  • Exposed Artillery Shell exposes Gateway’s Past
  • Final NAGPRA Reserved Regulation Published
  • Lake Mead NRA Offers Training in Underwater Cultural Resources ARPA Damage Assessments
  • Save America’s Treasures Grant Applications Available
  • 2010 PIT Projects Announced
  • National Lab Day is Opportunity for Archeology
  • Report on World Cultural Heritage Available
  • Federal Reports: Where We Found a Whale: A History of Lake Clark National Park and Preserve
  • Projects in Parks: Revelation in the Woods: Undocumented Cemeteries in Hot Springs NP

February 2010 (.pdf)

  • David Conlin Named Chief of Submerged Resources Center
  • Archeological Masonry Expert Retires
  • Sitka NHP Celebrates 100th Anniversary
  • NPS Assists USFS in Petroglyph Theft Case
  • NPS Adopts Spatial Data Standards
  • NPS Fire and Aviation Program and Archeology Program Cooperate over Archeological Resource Protection
  • USGS Ecologist Reports on Efforts to Protect Archeology through Restoration at Bandelier NM
  • Archeology Event Held at Kingsley Plantation
  • Petroglyphs Protected in Nine Mile Canyon, Utah
  • SAA Archaeological Record now Available on the Web
  • Archeology and Cultural Resources Federal Jobs
  • NPI Offers NAGPRA Training for NPS National NAGPRA Program
  • DoD Cultural Resources UPDATE Newsletter is seeking articles and/or briefs
  • Projects in Parks: Meeting at Headquarters: Public Archeology at Valley Forge

January 2010 (.pdf)

  • Pueblo Students Participate in Field Study in Chaco Culture NHP
  • Northwest Arctic Heritage Center Community Opening
  • George Wright Forum Focuses on NPS Ethnography
  • Illinois Man Convicted of ARPA Violation
  • DOI Office of Inspector General Issues Report on Interior Department Museum Collections
  • NPS Park NAGPRA Program Announces Intern Projects
  • NPS Archeology Program Announces Two Archeology Positions in WASO
  • NPS and FLETC Offer Archeological Resources Protection Training
  • University of Wyoming/NPS Research Center Offers Grants
  • Summer Jobs with NPS HABS/HAER/HALS
  • BLM Seeks Partner for Archeological Fieldwork
  • Federal Archeology Publications
  • Message from Editorial and Production Staff of Archeology E-Gram
  • Projects in Parks: NPS Investigates Sunken Ships in Isle Royale NP

December 2009 (.pdf)

  • Janet Snyder Matthews Leaving NPS
  • Carol Shull Interim Keeper of the National Register of Historic Places
  • Exhibit on Lenape Indians opens at Ellis Island NM
  • Sitka NP to sponsor Conference
  • Save America’s Treasures Grant Program Announces $9.5 Million in Awards
  • President Obama Establishes Federal Consultation Accountability
  • Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory Launches Archeobotanical Webpage
  • NPS Offers Training on NRHP and NHL Program at SHA Conference
  • NPS and State Historical Society of North Dakota Offer Archeological Prospection Workshop
  • National Preservation Institute Offers Training
  • NPS and FLETC to Offer ARPA Training at Volcanoes NP
  • Federal Archeology Publications
  • Message from Editorial and Production Staff of Archeology E-Gram
  • Projects in Parks: List of all PiP Reports

November 2009 (.pdf)

  • Rick Kendall Named Superintendent of Saint-Gaudens
  • NPS Announces Winners of the 2008 Appleman-Judd-Lewis Awards
  • PAST Gives Award to Retired NPS Archeologist
  • Archeology E-Gram Launches New E-Gram Feature
  • NPS Solicits Data for Secretary’s Report to Congress on the Federal Archeology Program
  • NPS develops Toolkit for NHPA Section 106 Nationwide Programmatic Agreement
  • Receive Credit for Module 440 in DOI Learn
  • Archeology Open House for Minute Man NHP 50th Anniversary
  • NPS Offers Glass Bottle Workshop During Massachusetts Archeology Month
  • DOS Announces New Web Site for the Cultural Heritage Center
  • History Program Posts Archeology Reports
  • National Preservation Institute Offers NHPA Section 106 Training
  • SHA Offers NHPA Section 106 Training at 2010 Conference
  • Projects in Parks: The NPS LOOT Clearinghouse

October 2009 (.pdf)

  • Michele Aubry to Retire
  • Perry Wheelock Named Chief of Cultural Resources for NPS National Capital Region
  • NPS Archeology Program Announces Expanded Web Pages on Submerged Resources
  • NPS Archeology Program Creates New Webpage about America's Best Idea
  • Remains of Soldier Killed At Antietam Interred in New York
  • NPS Archeologist at Society for Hawaiian Archeology Meeting
  • Man Punished for Illegal Excavations at Joshua NP
  • Native American Artifacts and Human Remains Returned After ARPA Conviction
  • Project Proposals for Park NAGPRA Internship Program Sought
  • Preserve America Stewards Program Emphasizes Archeological Stewardship
  • George Wright Society Redesigns Web Site
  • NPS Social Science Program Launches Focus Group Resources Web Site
  • Projects in Parks: Supporting Community Archeology: The Golovin Heritage Field School

September 2009 (.pdf)

  • John Jarvis Confirmed as new Director of NPS
  • National Park Service Chief Archeologist Retiring
  • Project Archaeology: Reaching the Next Generation
  • Scholarship to Study Coastal Climate Change Available to Native Americans
  • Written in Bone: Forensic Files of the 17th Century Chesapeake
  • Archeology Events at the 2009 American Anthropological Association Meetings in Philadelphia
  • Film Collection Added to UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register
  • Projects in Parks: Fort Washington Park Yields Unusual Find

August 2009 (.pdf)

  • David Morgan to be Director of NPS Southeast Archeological Center
  • Jennifer Pederson Weinberger to be Superintendent at Hopewell Culture NHP
  • NPS National Capital Region Curator Pam West To Retire
  • Salinas Pueblo Celebrates National Monument Centennial
  • Two Men Caught Digging For Artifacts In Gettysburg NMP
  • NPS Archeology Program (WASO) Seeks Two Archeologists
  • Albright Wirth Grant Applications Available
  • NPS and BLM Offer Archeology Interpretation Training
  • History Program Posts Archeology Reports
  • National Register Highlights Archeology During August
  • Projects in Parks: The French Along the Northeast Coast—1604-1607

July 2009 (.pdf)

  • Archeologist George Smith Retires from the NPS
  • NPS Archeology Program Updates SRC Web Pages
  • Oregon Caves National Monument and Zion National Park Celebrate Centennials
  • Effigy Mounds NM Featured in Iowa Archeology Month Poster
  • Archeology Day at Kingsley Plantation
  • NPS Announces 2009 Battlefield Preservation Project Grants
  • NAGPRA Training Offered
  • Sarah Davis-Reynolds New Chief of NPS Law Enforcement Operations
  • NPS and Girls Scouts Develop a Park Resource Stewardship Program
  • Projects in Parks: Documenting Native American Monuments at Effigy Mounds NM

June 2009 (.pdf)

  • NPS Archeologist receives Department of the Interior Superior Service Award
  • NPS Archeologist Terry Childs Moves to DOI
  • NPS Archeology and Ethnography Programs Welcome Summer Interns
  • NPS Archeologist is Key Speaker at Washington State Curation Summit
  • Federal Agents Bust Looting Ring
  • Colorado Springs Man Convicted on ARPA Charges
  • Husband and Wife Sentenced on ARPA Charges
  • Archeology Course Held For Trail Builders
  • NAGPRA Training
  • Projects in Parks: Projects in Parks Needs You!

May 2009 (.pdf)

  • Registration Open for Pecos Conference
  • Katherine Slick Named New Executive Director of US/ICOMOS
  • Nominations Open for the NPS Appleman-Judd-Lewis Award
  • FLETC Archeological Resources Protection Training
  • Badlands NP Program with Pine Ridge Reservation Rockyford School Students
  • Place and Native Voice Website Launched
  • James Marston Fitch Charitable Foundation Grants Available
  • National Historic Landmarks Grant Program
  • New PBS Television Series Focuses on Archeology
  • Projects in Parks: Projects in Parks Needs You!

April 2009 (.pdf)

  • Susan Bender Leaves NPS
  • Steve Adams Named NPS Midwest Region Cultural Resources Assistant Regional Director
  • NPS Submerged Resource Center Moves
  • Live Civil War Artillery Shell Found and Removed from Petersburg NB
  • Carol Shull in Washington Post
  • UNESCO World Digital Library Launched
  • BLM Produces Film on Southwest Indians
  • Archeology Internship at Grand Canyon NP
  • Projects in Parks: Archeological Stewardship in National Parks: “It Takes a Village”

March 2009 (.pdf)

  • Grand Canyon NPs Hosts Archeology Day
  • Railroad Pays Penalty in ARPA Case
  • SHA's Cotter Award for NCPTT Grant Research
  • Archeological Sites Lost as Erosion Doubles along Part of Alaska’s Coast
  • Book about Pipes at Fort Union NHS
  • ICE and CBP return pre-Columbian Artifacts to Peruvian Government
  • HUD Develops Section 106 Agreements Database
  • Projects in Parks: Archeological Investigations at Ulysses S. Grant NHS

February 2009 (.pdf)

  • "Managing Archeological Collections" Linked to DOI Learn
  • 1998-2003 Secretary’s Report to Congress on the Federal Archeology Program Available
  • Navajo National Monument and Olympic National Park to Celebrate Centennials
  • Three Archeological National Historic Landmarks Designated
  • ACHP Releases “A Report on Federal Historic Property Management”
  • NPS Sponsors Archeological Research at Elkhorn/Ebert Ranch
  • NPS Sponsors Archeological Research at Cape Krusenstern NM
  • Two South Dakota Men Indicted on Charges of Violating ARPA
  • Archaeology Magazine Reports on Drugs and Looting
  • FLETC Offering Archeological Resource Protection Training
  • Summer Anthropology Program at National Museum of Natural History
  • NPS Uses New Technology to Record USS Arizona Memorial
  • Projects in Parks: Reporting on Federal Archeology

January 2009 (.pdf)

  • Civil War Soldier's Remains Discovered
  • NCPTT Grant for Aerial Thermal Infrared Research Yields Results
  • Program Director needed for Archaeological and Historic Preservation Program, National Training Institute for the Preservation of Iraqi Cultural Heritage
  • George Wright Society Biannual Conference
  • Man Sentenced in ARPA Case
  • Paul Hartwig Retires
  • ARPA Violator Pardoned by Bush
  • Projects in Parks: Documenting Tipi Rings along the Bad Pass Trail, Bighorn Canyon NRA

December 2008 (.pdf)

  • New Technical Brief on NPS Archeology Program website
  • NPS Archeologist Ann Johnson Retires
  • FWS Archeologist Wins Department Recognition
  • WWII Valor in the Pacific National Monument Established
  • Centennial of Wheeler National Monument
  • Corps of Engineers (COE) Forensic Archeology Team in Iraq
  • NPS 2009 Archeological Prospection Workshop
  • Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) Grants Available
  • 2009 Summer Employment Opportunities with HABS/HAER/HALS
  • Nominations Open for 2009 National Trust Awards
  • Tony Hillerman Dies
  • Message from Editorial and Production Staff of Archeology E-Gram
  • Projects in Parks: List of all PiP Reports

November 2008 (.pdf)

  • A New Publication in the Studies in Archeology and Ethnography Series
  • The National Archeological Database, Reports module has been updated
  • Dr. Bennie C. Keel Receives the Southeastern Archaeological Conference's Highest Honors
  • NAPA Report on NPS Park Cultural Resource Management
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation Honors Mark Michel, Archaeological Conservancy, and Crow Canyon Archaeological Center with Awards
  • NPS Units Participate in Archeology Month Events
  • NPS Signs Programmatic Agreement
  • Colorado Plateau CESU Welcomes New NPS Research Coordinator
  • Two Indicted for Stolen Native American Artifacts
  • Projects in Parks: Of Adobe, Lime, and Cement: The Preservation History of the San José de Tumacácori Mission Church—Part 3

October 2008 (.pdf)

  • NPS Assists State Department in Training of Afghan Cultural Resource Specialists
  • U.S. Preservationist Elected President of ICOMOS
  • ICOMOS General Assembly Adopts Ename Charter
  • NPS Assists in Development of Conservation and Historic Preservation Institute in Iraq
  • NPS Initiates Survey of Historic Property Inventories
  • NPS Regional Survey Plans Online
  • U.S. Ratifies Treaty to Protect Cultural Property in Time of War
  • Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage to Go into Effect
  • Larry Van Horn Retires
  • Proposals sought for Park NAGPRA Internship Program
  • New Archeological Resource Protection Training Offered by FLETC
  • Grants under $10,000 from the National Park Foundation
  • Projects in Parks: Of Adobe, Lime, and Cement: The Preservation History of the San José de Tumacácori Mission Church—Part 2

September 2008 (.pdf)

August 2008 (.pdf)

July 2008 (.pdf)

  • New “Visit Archeology” Web Feature
  • Archeology on NPR
  • CESU Network Available for Cultural Resources Projects
  • NPS Training for Afghan Cultural Resources Managers in Department of State Journal
  • NPS Announces Battlefield Preservation Grants for 2008
  • SVBF Preserves Battlefield Land in Cedar Creek & Belle Grove NHP
  • New World Heritage Sites Inscribed

June 2008 (.pdf)

  • 16th Century Artifacts Uncovered at Fort Raleigh NHS
  • Federal Chief Archeologists Meet
  • NPS Releases Report to Congress on Preservation of Revolutionary War and War of 1812 Sites
  • Fitch Foundation Offers Grants
  • Pecos Conference to be Held in Flagstaff
  • HUD Develops Consultation Tribal Directory
  • George B. Hartzog, Jr. Award to Richard Sellars
  • Projects in Parks: Clay Tobacco Pipes at Fort Union NHS

May 2008 (.pdf)

  • OMB approves Application Form for Permit for Archeological Investigations
  • NPS Archeologist Joe Labadie to Retire
  • Archeology Day at Kingsley Plantation, Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve
  • Nominations Sought for 9th Annual Appleman-Judd-Lewis Award
  • New Heritage Areas Created
  • Pre-proposals Solicited for DoD Legacy Program Grant
  • George B. Hartzog, Jr. Award to Richard Sellars
  • Archeology E-Gram to Launch New Series
  • Projects in Parks: Archiving Archeological Records in Gates of the Arctic NP&P

April 2008 (.pdf)

  • Archeologist Chosen as Glacier NP Superintendent
  • Anthropologist Chosen as Intermountain Region Associate Director
  • Ronald Wilson selected as NPS Chief Curator
  • Passing of Brenda Lanzendort
  • Passing of Bruce Anderson
  • Bill Butler Retires
  • Applications Solicited for FY2009 Albright-Wirth Grant Program
  • DOI and NPS to provide training in Managing Museum Property
  • Cultural Resource Training Courses
  • Projects in Parks: The Archaeology of Buffalo Soldiers and Apaches in the Southwest

March 2008 (.pdf)

February 2008 (.pdf)

  • Application Form for Permit for Archeological Investigations
  • Historians Race Vandals to Identify Shipwreck in Cape Cod NS
  • University of New Mexico hosts NPS Hibben Center for Archeological Research
  • Independence NHP Achieves Re-Accreditation by the American Association of Museums
  • Richard Sellars Retires
  • Mark Barnes Retires
  • NPS Special Agent Part of Raid on Museums
  • 3D radar-computer 'digs' for Lost Colony in Fort Raleigh NHP
  • Haleakala National Park acquires 4,100 acres of Campbell land
  • Federal Student Curation Internships Available
  • Projects in Parks: Thirty Years of Historical Archeology in Skagway, Alaska

January 2008 (.pdf)

  • Jewel Cave NM, Established by the Antiquities Act, Celebrates Centennial
  • NPS Submerged Resources Center Receives Award
  • Carving from First European Expedition in Utah Found at Glen Canyon NRA
  • Special NOAA Exhibition Highlights Shipwreck Exploration and Discovery
  • New U.S. World Heritage Tentative List
  • Contractor Convicted in ARPA Case
  • Robert Wilson, Supervisory Archeologist, NPS SEAC, Retires
  • Allen Bohnert, Chief, Museum Services, Southeast Region, Retires
  • Fort Vancouver NHS Celebrates 60 Years with Calendar
  • NPS Searches for Lincoln’s Boyhood Home

December 2007 (.pdf)

  • National Monuments to Celebrate Centennials
  • NPS to Renew Archeology Permit forms
  • NPS 2008 Archeological Prospection Workshop
  • Summer Jobs with HABS/HAER/HALS
  • HAER Maritime Documentation Internship
  • Archeology in the NPS "Travel Itinerary Series"
  • Message from Archeology E-Gram Staff
  • Projects in Parks: List of all PiP Reports

November 2007 (.pdf)

  • Fresh look for the NPS Archeology Program home page
  • Park Archeologist Part of IC Team for Oil Spill
  • Tonto NM Celebrates Centennial
  • Contractor Karolyn Kinsey Departs the NPS Archeology Program
  • U.S. World Heritage Tentative List offered for public comment
  • ARPA Violators Sentenced
  • FLETC offers Archeological Resources Protection Training
  • ACHP Releases Course Schedule for CY2008
  • NPS Solicits Sponsor Proposals for Diversity Internships
  • DOI and NPS to provide training in Managing Museum Property
  • ICOMOS Executive Committee Approves Ename Charter
  • RPA Amends Code of Conduct
  • New CRM Journal Available in March 2008
  • Projects in Parks: The Montana-Yellowstone Archeological Project

October 2007 (.pdf)

  • Archeology Program updates “Research in the Parks”
  • Gila Cliff Dwellers National Monument to Celebrate Centennial
  • NPS releases guidance for Historic Preservation Commissioners
  • Archeological Resources in Teaching with Museum Collections
  • Archeologist Julie King reappointed to ACHP
  • USGS Releases Biodiversity Images Website
  • George Wright Forum Challenges NPS in Essay Series
  • Projects in Parks: Identifying Contact Period Sites on St. John USVI

September 2007 (.pdf)

  • NPS Archeologist Wins Appleman-Judd-Lewis Award
  • President’s House Dig Temporarily Closed
  • Federal Archeology Program Web pages Updated
  • NPS SEAC Has History
  • New Museum at Gettysburg To Open in Spring
  • NPS Selects Archeologist for Cultural Resources Position
  • Archeological Resources in “Teaching with Historic Places”
  • New Finding Aid for NPS at National Archives
  • Petroglyph Management & Protection
  • FS Unveils Heritage Information Management System
  • MMS Investigates 200 year old Shipwreck in Gulf of Mexico
  • Draft of ICOMOS Interpretation and Presentation Charter Finished
  • Project in Parks: Archeological Investigations at Canaveral NS

August 2007 (.pdf)

  • Database Consultant Larry Karr loses his battle with cancer
  • Departmental Consulting Archeologist Webpage Expanded
  • North Cascades NP Archeologist Receives Appleman-Judd Award
  • NPS Archeologist on NPR
  • 60 Years of Archeology at Fort Vancouver NHS
  • SEAC Archeologists Support Work in USVI
  • Ocmulgee NM Mounds Vandalized
  • Artifacts Stolen from Agate Fossil Beds NM Recovered
  • MMS Archeology Project Gets Awards
  • Forest Service Sponsors Archeological Damage Assessment Class
  • Projects in Parks: Archeological Resource Protection at Buffalo National River

July 2007 (.pdf)

  • Federal Archeology Web Pages Expanded
  • Archeological Resources in NPS HABS/HAER/HALS
  • Lake Mead NRA Opens Overton B-29 Site for Trial Period
  • NPS Announces Battlefield Preservation Grants for 2007
  • Conservation Groups Buy Prominent Hopewell Site
  • High School Students Intern at Pecos NHS
  • Projects in Parks: Is taking some time off and will return in August

June 2007 (.pdf)

  • Forest Service’s Passport in Time Program now Multi-Agency
  • Archeology at Voyageurs NP
  • First Finds from Excavation of President’s House in Philadelphia
  • NPS Southeast Archeological Center Receives Award
  • Pecos NHP to host Pecos Conference
  • Archeological Resources on NPS History Program website
  • Speakers at Archeology Field School, Fort Vancouver National Historic Reserve
  • Projects in Parks: Battlefield Archeology at Kings Mountain NMP

May 2007 (.pdf)

  • SAA Award Given to NPS Archeologist
  • Interagency Cultural Sites Stewardship Team Receives DOI Award
  • New Technical Brief on Archeological Site Stewardship Programs
  • Web Pages on the Secretary's Report to Congress on the Federal Archeology Program Expanded
  • Sand Creek Massacre NHS Created
  • NPS Offers Workshop for Developing Advanced GPS, GIS, and Geophysical Skills
  • Internship in US/ICOMOS' Washington, DC Office
  • Projects in Parks: Archeological Explorations in Nicodemus NHS

April 2007 (.pdf)

  • Cultural Heritage Training for Afghan Heritage Specialists
  • Independence NHP launches Archeology Lesson Plans
  • National Monuments to Mark Centennial
  • Independence NHP Launches New Excavation
  • NPS hosting GIS Training
  • BLM hosting Cultural Resource Training
  • Curator of North American Ethnography, NMNH, William Sturtevant Dies
  • Projects in Parks: Virgin Islands NP Hosts International Internship Program

March 2007 (.pdf)

  • Newly Revised Archeological Technical Brief on Peer Review
  • Middle Ford Ferry Tavern Project, Monocacy NB, Highlighted
  • Federal Chief Archeologists Meet
  • National Monument Celebrates Centennial
  • Albright-Wirth Grant Program Applications Available
  • ACHP Issues New Policy Statement about Burial Sites, Human Remains, and Funerary Objects
  • NPS dedicates addition to Hawaiian Cultural Park
  • ACHP offers NHPA Section 106 training
  • Wayne Dance, Assistant U.S. Attorney, Retires
  • Projects in Parks: Ceramic analysis at Fort Vancouver

February 2007 (.pdf)

  • Projects on Assateague Island and Cape Krusenstern Highlighted
  • New Technical Brief on Archeological Damage Assessment
  • NPS Archeologist Receives Award
  • AIA Recognizes Contributions by Patty Jo Watson
  • New Colonial NHP Historic Jamestowne Visitor Center Opens
  • DOI to provide training in Managing Museum Property
  • NPS Announces Ocean Park Stewardship Action Plan
  • NPS Archeologist Rob Hommon Retires
  • Projects in Parks: The Middle Ford Ferry Tavern Project, Monocacy NB

January 2007 (.pdf)

  • NPS Archeology E-Gram Now Available on Archeology Program Website
  • Explore the NPS Archeology Program's New Distance Learning Course
  • Homestead School Archeology Report Online on NPS Archeology Program Website
  • Archaeological Institute of America gives Distinguished Service Award to Law Professor
  • George Wright Society grants Cultural Resource Management Award to Archeologist
  • NPS Archeologist John Ehrenhard retires
  • Archeological Resources Protection Training in Las Vegas, NV
  • "Oh, Ranger!" to be Updated; New Stories Wanted
  • Projects in Parks: Chaco Culture NHP Intentional Site Reburial Program

December 2006 (.pdf)

  • NPS Archeologist John E. Ehrenhard receives Department of the Interior Meritorious Service Award
  • Archeological Research in the Parks pages added to NPS website.
  • Cultural Resource Vacancies in NPS advertised: Chief, Historic Landscapes program, NCPTT; Assistant Director, Park Cultural Resources Programs; Chief Historian, NPS
  • Teaching with Historic Places Posts new Archeological Lesson Plan, New Philadelphia: A Multiracial Town on the Illinois Frontier
  • FY2007 Archeological Resource Protection Act (ARPA) Grants Program
  • Discussion of the Value of Public Archeology in The SAA Archaeological Record
  • Preserve America Summit reports available for comment
  • BLM and UAF offer museum research grant
  • U.S. World Heritage Tentative List Project
  • Federal Archeologists Testify in Trial of Saddam Hussein
  • Projects in Parks: Cape Krusenstern Beach Ridge Complex Survey

November 2006 (.pdf)

  • Another important date for Antiquities Act Centennial Celebrations
  • Progress on the Integration of Maintained Archeological Sites and FMSS
  • Guidance on Archeological Resources and Fire Management begins development
  • NPS 2007 Archaeological Prospection Workshop
  • NPS Archeologists Dr. Francis (Cal) Calabrese Retires
  • Projects in Parks: Spain loans artifacts to Assateague Island National Seashore

October 2006 (.pdf)

  • NPS and Taiwanese experts meet
  • NPS and Spanish experts meet and sign international agreement
  • Government Perspective on Public Archeology in The SAA Archeological Record
  • Fall Events at Archeology Lab, Independence NHP
  • Plans to add land, archeological sites to Virgin Islands NP
  • Projects in Parks: Prehistoric Archeology Research at C&O NHP

September 2006 (.pdf)

  • NPS guidance on permits for archeological investigations available
  • Updates to the Antiquities Act Centennial 1906-2006 web pages
  • BLM Celebrates America's Priceless Heritage
  • Devil's Tower NM celebrates 100th anniversary
  • Antiquities Act Centennial Commemorations
  • NPS Archeology Program staff assist delegation from Qatar
  • NPS acquires 1000 new archeological sites
  • Illegal Digging in Harpers Ferry NHP
  • Projects in Parks: Archeology and History in Rock Creek Park

August 2006 (.pdf)

  • NPS Archeologist and Historian Win National Cultural Resource Award
  • NPS Archeologist Jeff Burton Honored
  • USFS and NPS explore becoming PIT partners
  • Presidio Launches California History and Archaeology Education Program
  • Projects in Parks: Archeology at the U.S. Armory, Harpers Ferry NHP

July 2006 (.pdf)

  • Site Assessment Guidance, ASMIS Database Updated
  • Birds Point-New Madrid Archeological Peer Review Report Completed
  • NPS AP Gives Cultural Resource Session for New Superintendent Training
  • Public Archeology at Vancouver National Historic Reserve
  • Martha Graham, NPS Archeology Program, joins TRC
  • Projects in Parks: Colonial NHP Carries out Underwater Survey

June 2006 (.pdf)

  • Archeological Sites Reported in Good Condition
  • Summer interns in the Archeology Program
  • Park NAGPRA Guidance Notebooks Available
  • Archeologist is New Superintendent at Nez Perce NHP
  • Former NPS Archeologist Receives Law Enforcement Award
  • NPS Archeologist Doug Campana Retires
  • Projects in Parks: Antiquities Act Centennial

May 2006 (.pdf)

  • Antiquities Act Centennial 1906-2006 web pages updated
  • NPS Archeological Sites Working Group meets
  • Antiquities Act Exhibit Opens at the Department of the Interior Museum
  • Joshua Tree NP Park Ranger and Special Agent Receives Harry Yount Award
  • NPS WACC Archeologist Receives Appleman-Judd Award
  • NPS SEAC Archeologist Receives Sequoia Award
  • Projects in Parks: Independence NHP Archeology at Franklin Court

April 2006 (.pdf)

  • Peer Review of COE Birds Point - New Madrid Floodway Archeological Mitigation
  • Katmai NP&P Publishes Book on Prehistory and History of Region
  • 30 years of Service by NPS Archeologist Larry Nordby
  • Projects in Parks: Chaco Digital Initiative

March 2006 (.pdf)

  • Archeology Program adds African Burial Ground NM Profile to website
  • NPS AP Antiquities Act webpage reviewed by Archaeology Magazine
  • Correction to February Archeology E-Gram
  • Effigy Mounds NM Case Study Added to AP Distance Learning Course
  • NPS hosting Submerged Cultural Resources Law Enforcement Class
  • NPS hosting Section 106 Training in Nebraska
  • NPS Hosts Teacher Training at Independence NHP
  • NPS Archeologist Roger Kelly Retires
  • Projects in Parks: Katmai NP&P Excavates Site Threatened by Erosion

February 2006 (.pdf)

  • More parks featured on the Archeology Program website
  • New Archeological Technical Brief on Archeology Program website
  • NPS Relocates Staff at Boott Mills
  • NPS hosting Archeological Damage Assessment training
  • NPS hosting Archeological Law Enforcement Training at SAA
  • National Trust and ACHP announces nominations for Federal Partnership Award
  • Coordination Meeting for Archeological Sites in Grand Canyon NP
  • NPS MWAC Archeologist Tom Thiessen retires
  • Projects in Parks: New Mexico SiteWatch assists NPS to care for archeological sites

January 2006 (.pdf)

  • John Robbins takes job at National Gallery
  • NPS MWAC Archeologist Douglas D. Scott retires
  • AIA presents award to leaders in American archeological resource management and protection
  • National Archeological Database (NADB) Reports Module Update
  • DOA, Fort Hood, TX, hosting Archeological Damage Assessment training
  • NPS sponsors Remote Sensing workshop
  • Federal Archeologists featured in National Geographic
  • Projects in Parks: Site Excavation in Katmai NP&P

December 2005 (.pdf)

  • New Heritage Tourism Web Pages on NPS Archeology Program Website
  • Presentation on Chaco Digital Initiative
  • Presentation on Archeological Cyberinfrastructure
  • Projects in Parks: NPS Archeological Site Assessments after Hurricane Wilma

November 2005 (.pdf)

  • New "For Kids" web page on NPS Archeology Program website
  • NPS Archeology Program updates Antiquities Act webpages
  • NPS Archeology Program staff attend ACRA meeting, Washington DC
  • The Archaeology Channel Features Videos on NPS Parks and Monuments
  • Chief Archeologists' Meeting, November 17, 2005
  • NPS SEAC Produces Calendar to commemorate Antiquities Act
  • Projects in Parks: NPS Archeological Site Assessments after Hurricane Katrina

October 2005 (.pdf)

  • New lesson plan: Tonto National Monument: Saving a National Treasure
  • Visit Archeology Guide launched on NPS Archeology website
  • Two NPS Archeologists Receive Albright-Wirth Grants
  • NPS Special Agent publishes article in The SAA Archeological Record
  • NPS Archeology Program updates Antiquities Act and other webpages
  • Meeting at 2005 American Anthropological Association to discuss Antiquities Act centennial commemoration
  • Projects in Parks: Documenting Tlingit, Russian, and American History at Sitka National Historical Park

September 2005 (.pdf)

  • NPS Archeology Program webpages on Public Benefits of Archeology updated
  • NPS Archeology Resource Protection Funding to Move
  • BLM Celebrates Antiquities Act Centennial
  • Projects in Parks: Glen Canyon National Recreation Area House Rules

August 2005 (.pdf)

July 2005 (.pdf)

  • Chief Archeologists' Meeting
  • Projects in Parks: New Book on Northern Gold Rushes
  • Forest Service Celebrates its Centennial at Smithsonian Folklife Festival

June 2005 (.pdf)

  • Earliest American NHL Theme Study and new NHL web page
  • NPS Archeology Program staff contribute to The SAA Archaeological Record
  • Archeology E-gram launches new feature "Projects in Parks"

May 2005 (.pdf)

  • NPS Archeology Program launches webpages: Public Benefits of Archeology, Archeology Law & Ethics, and Archeology Laws: A Guide for Professionals
  • Scottish colleague visits Cultural Resource programs
  • AAM session on the centennials of the Antiquities Act and AAM
  • Sentencing in ARPA Case, Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park
  • USFWS Cultural Resources program website

April 2005 (.pdf)

  • NPS Archeology Program Meetings in the Regions
  • Archeological Sites Management Information System (ASMIS) Trainings for Park Archeologists
  • NPS Archeology Partnership with the Institut National du Patrimoine, France
  • Antiquities Act Centennial Commemoration Activities Continue
  • Symposia and Papers by NPS Archeology Program Staff at Professional Meetings
  • Public Meaning of Archaeological Heritage training held; on-line material available
  • Meaningful Interpretation and Archeology
  • Iraq Cultural Heritage Preservation Voluntary Visitor Program, January 2005
  • Oversight hearings on the National Historic Preservation Act

March 2005 (.pdf)

  • "The Antiquities Act on the Eve of its Centennial"
  • Antiquities Act centennial commemoration website launched
  • John L. Cotter Award for NPS Park Archeology Excellence for 2005
  • Jim Thomson retires
  • New travel itinerary: Florida Shipwrecks: 300 Years of Maritime History
  • Memorandum of Understanding between the U.S. and El Salvador
  • Early Cities: New Perspectives on Pre-Industrial Urbanism

February 2005 (.pdf)

  • President of the Archaeological Institute of America affirms support for public archeology in the U.S.
  • NPS archeologists honored for outstanding service
  • Conservation Service Award presented to NPS staff and other members of the Operation Indian Rocks Interagency Task Force
  • National Park Service contributes to training on Iraq cultural heritage
  • Upgrade to the Archeological Sites Management Information System (ASMIS)
  • Tracking the maintenance and treatment of NPS archeological sites
  • New book on evaluating archeological significance published
  • Expertise provided on archeological curation for the state of South Carolina
  • NPS Archeology Program archeologist provides expertise in Egypt

January 2005 (.pdf)

  • NPS Archeology website receives award
  • Coso Rock Art NHL District web feature launched
  • Federal Archeology Program Report to Congress

December 2004 (.pdf)

  • Public meaning of archeological heritage conference
  • Public archeology in the United States: A Timeline web feature updated
  • NPS Archeology & Ethnography Program changes
  • Archeological Cyberinfrastructure

September 2004 (.pdf)

  • 110,000+ Records added to NADB Reports module
  • Online interpretation course launched
  • 2004 Cotter Award cancelled

July 2004 (.pdf)

  • New book published on curation of archeological collections
  • Joshua Tree NP annual competitive research grant program
  • La Casa de Robinson: Spanish Translation of web feature
  • SAA and NPS Cultural Resources honor public service awardee
  • New Technical Brief launched: Protecting Archeological Sites on Eroding Shorelines

April 2004 (.pdf)

  • A survey of SHPO archeological report bibliographic systems
  • A Brief Ethnography of Magnolia Plantation

March 2004 (.pdf)

  • Studies in Archeology & Ethnography launched
  • Request for nominations, John L. Cotter Award 2004



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