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Fiery Furnace Photo Gallery

The Fiery Furnace offers a labyrinth of narrow passageways and abrupt dead-ends among a series of sandstone fins. Though it does not encompass a very large area, it is easy to become disoriented or lost. For this reason, and to protect native plants and soils, visitors must join a guided hike, or obtain a special permit, in order to enter the Fiery Furnace.

While there is no substitute for actually joining a hike, this gallery provides a brief glimpse of the experience. The images were taken on April 14, 2005 during one of the daily guided walks. These images are not intended for commercial purposes: model releases are not available.


Did You Know?

Collared Lizard

Lizards, including the colorful collared lizard, are one of the most frequently seen animals at Arches. When not chasing flies or basking in the sun, they are often seen doing what appears to be push-ups. This odd dance might enhance their stereoscopic vision, helping them see what's looking back at them.