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  • Delicate Arch Viewpoint Road Closed

    Due to flash flooding in Winter Camp Wash, the Delicate Arch Viewpoint Road is currently inaccessible.

  • Extreme Fire Danger

    Due to extremely dry conditions, fire restrictions are in effect in all national park units in Southeast Utah. More »

2010 Community Artist - Pete Apicella

photo of Pete Apicella

Pete Apicella was the 2010 Community Artist in the Parks. His artwork reimages the dynamic desert landscapes of this region into works featuring colored pencils and prismatic inks in a vivid and compact format.

While first backpacking to the Colorado Plateau at age 18, Pete fell in love with the beauty, vastness, freedom, and refuge possibilities that these Red Rock Wonderlands represented to him. Since moving full-time to Moab in 2004, a small body of fun, refreshing, colorful EarthScapes has emerged from his hiking and scrambling adventures.

"One day I went on a slickrock mission and by good fortune I brought along the portable sketch pad and fistful of colored pencils that my Mom gave me for the holidays. I liked the results and I kept going with it. When I engage artistically, many of my troubles and worries vanish. When present-ness of self and richness of stimulus saturate my mind-art field, then life is really good."


Did You Know?

Common Raven

The common raven displays abilities to play and problem-solve that are rare among animals. This member of the crow family is also very vocal, communicating with over a dozen sounds. Perhaps because of these qualities, ravens have achieved a certain stature in both European and Native American folklore.