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    National Park Utah

There are park alerts in effect.
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  • Extreme Fire Danger

    Due to extremely dry conditions, fire restrictions are in effect in all national park units in Southeast Utah. More »

Student Information

Illustration of Landscape Arch
Landscape Arch
Illustration by Rick Wheeler

Doing a report on Arches? The Student Information brochure available here provides a great introduction to the park. Covering animals, plants, rocks, interesting park facts and much more, this publication has everything you need to get your project started. Color photos and graphics are also provided. This file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.

Download Student Guide to Arches
[5mb PDF file]

Printed copies of this 16" x 17" folding brochure are available by contacting us.

Did You Know?

Graffiti-free Zone

Even though graffiti is prohibited by law, rangers and volunteer groups spend hundreds of hours every year removing it in Arches. Please join us in protecting the park by not leaving your mark. If you discover graffiti in the park, please let us know. Otherwise, make memories, take pictures, but leave no visible trace of your visit. More...