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Yosemite National Park

Collection SummaryThe Yosemite Museum collection documents the cultural and natural history of the Yosemite region including archeology, history, photography, fine arts, ethnography, archival records, botany, zoology and geology. The Research Library contains published volumes and a wealth of unpublished material relating to the park's history. The museum, research library and visuals center collections include photographs, ranging from some of the earliest taken of Yosemite to contemporary works. Fine arts are also represented with the work of Thomas Hill, Thomas Moran, Albert Bierstadt, William Keith and Thomas Ayres, among others. The ethnographic collection includes artifacts from the Yosemite area including basketry, dance regalia, feather work, beadwork and utilitarian objects. Archeological materials recovered through controlled excavation in the park and historic artifacts relating to all facets of park history, are also included. A herbarium, and other natural history specimens are also in the collection.

Collection Size 5,510,064
Facilities Exhibiting Museum Items Pioneer Yosemite History Center Cabins
Pioneer Yosemite History Center Wagon Barn
Yosemite Museum, Indian Cultural Exhibit
Yosemite Museum, Museum Gallery
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