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Yellowstone National Park

Collection SummaryArcheological objects systematically recovered from prehistoric and historic sites within the park's boundaries and associated field records; ethnological objects; historic objects related to the early exploration, establishment, and administration of the park, including the U.S. Army period; objects and documents related to the development of tourism, historic use of the park, personal effects and clothing of officials associated with the park's history; objects related to the history of the park ranger profession on exhibit in the National Park Service Ranger Museum; collection of rare books and pamphlets; letters, journals, and diaries documenting accounts of early pioneers' and visitors' experiences in the park; collection of historic photographic negatives and prints; works of art depicting Yellowstone's natural beauty and diversity (including watercolors by Thomas Moran; oil paintings by Thomas Moran, J.H. Twachtman, and Robert F. Williams; field sketches by Thomas Moran, Charles Moore, Walter Trumbull, William H. Jackson, and Henry W. Elliot); herbarium housing vascular and non-vascular plant specimens collected from within the park and associated field records; collection of aquatic and terrestrial insects collected from within the park and associated field records; mammal, bird, fish, reptile, and amphibian specimens; geological and paleontological specimens.

Collection Size 4,083,963
Facilities Exhibiting Museum Items Albright Visitor Center
Canyon Visitor Center
Fishing Bridge Museum/Visitor Center
Grant Village Visitor Center
Lake Yellowstone Hotel
Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel
Museum of the National Park Ranger
Old Faithful Inn
Virtual Exhibits Thomas Moran: American Visionary
Yellowstone's Historic Vehicle Collection
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