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San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

Collection SummaryArchival and manuscript collection relating to the maritime history of the U.S. Pacific Coast and of the San Francisco Bay area (c. mid-19th century to the present), including logbooks and charts from West Coast ships, drawings for the design of ships and other maritime structures, historic photographic material documenting people, places, events, and ships and shipping ports associated with West Coast maritime history, and business records of maritime companies. Object collection including paintings, scrimshaw, and other fine and decorative arts, vessel models, ships' figureheads, vessel fragments, navigational and other instruments, steam and gas engines and other large machinery, small craft, textiles, ephemera, and historic archeological material; adjunct library including books, periodicals, and oral histories of seafarers and ship owners.

Collection Size 6,543,009
Facilities Exhibiting Museum Items Hyde Street Pier-Historic Ships
Maritime Library (J. Porter Shaw Library)
Maritime Museum
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