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Morristown National Historical Park

Collection SummaryThe museum collection includes archeological objects (with associated field records) systematically recovered from sites within the park's boundaries; paintings by the Peales, Stuart, Savage, Sully, and other early American artists; 18th century Philadelphia and New York furniture; Revolutionary War arms and equipment, including the only surviving military issue Ferguson breechloading rifle and a Lafayette presentation sword; collection of Washingtonia, including two swords, his Masonic sash, Inaugural Ball suit, letters and books from his library, and the Mount Vernon Farm journals; rare library books, including pre-1800 imprints; 18th and 19th century manuscripts, including letters of the Founding Fathers, Revolutionary order books and journals, records of Hessian forces in the American Revolution, and a Scarlatti opera; and biological collections from the park.

Collection Size 357,170
Facilities Exhibiting Museum Items Ford Mansion, Washington's Headquarters
Visitor Center, Jockey Hollow Area
Wick House, Jockey Hollow Area
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