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Longfellow National Historic Site

Collection SummaryThe Longfellow National Historic Site is a large colonial mansion that served as Washington's headquarters during the siege of Boston in 1775-1776 and from 1837 to 1882 as the home of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Located within blocks of Christ Church and Harvard Yard, the house is a short walk from Cambridge Common, where the infant Continental Army trained and George Washington received his commission.

Longfellow lived in the house from 1837 to his death in 1882, first as a boarder, and then, from 1843 on, as owner. The house was a wedding gift from his father in law upon his marriage to Frances Appleton. Longfellow taught at Harvard until his resignation in 1854, a consequence of the growing fame of his poetry. He was the leading light of the Brahmin literary movement of the Cambridge and Boston area of his time, winning many European admirers and a niche in Westminster Abbey - the only American poet enshrined there

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