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Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

Collection SummaryHistoric objects relating to "Westward Expansion" (e.g., clothing, tools, equipment, weapons, household goods, personal items, and transportation devices representative of those used in exploring the Trans-Mississippian West, c.1804-1890); documentary materials (e.g., books, letters, maps, photographic material) relating to "Westward Expansion"; works of art relating to "Westward Expansion", including watercolors by Thomas Moran; historic objects and archival materials relating to the growth and development of St. Louis, Missouri, as the "Gateway to the West"; documented historic furnishings, samples of historic fabric, archival and photographic material associated with the "Old Courthouse"; artifacts and archival materials associated with the planning, design, and construction of the "Gateway Arch"; archival and manuscript materials associated with the park's history; and archeological artifacts recovered from park sites.

Collection Size 1,347,827
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Old Courthouse
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