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Collection SummaryThe museum collection includes furnishings and personal possessions of Harry S Truman (1884-1972), 33rd President of the United States, and his wife Bess Wallace Truman (1885-1982). Much of the collection remains in situ in the Truman Home, a 14-room Victorian style house built in 1867 by Bess Truman's maternal grandfather, and known as the "Summer White House" from 1945-1952. Furnishings include furniture and household accessories belonging to the Trumans and to Bess Truman's extended family. Personal possessions include the Trumans' library and phonograph record collection, photographs, clothing, and Mr. Truman's last automobile. The collection also includes historic fabric and architectural samples removed from the Truman Home during restoration, and archeological materials recovered from the property.

Collection Size 57,320
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Quite a Shirt, Harry! Truman's Tropical Sport Shirts
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