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Collection SummaryThe Jamestown museum collection includes 17th and 18th century artifacts recovered from Jamestown and Green Spring sites and associated field records. A small collection of commemorative material relates to such anniversaries as the 1907 Tercentennial and the 1957 Festival. The Jamestown Visitor Center exhibits a representative sample of the collection. The Yorktown museum collection includes 17th, 18th and 19th century artifacts recovered from Yorktown and surrounding battlefield sites and associated field records. The collection includes furnishings exhibited in the 18th century Moore and Nelson houses and artillery pieces. Commemorative material in the collection relates to the 1881 Centennial, 1931 Sesquicentennial and 1976 and 1981 Bicentennials. The museum collection includes archival records that document the park's history for both Yorktown and Jamestown.

Collection Size 1,665,778
Facilities Exhibiting Museum Items Jamestown Visitor Center
Moore House
Nelson House
Yorktown Battlefield
Yorktown Visitor Center
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