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Collection SummaryThe Chaco Museum Collection includes both cultural and natural history collections. The cultural collection documents the full range of prehistoric and historic occupation of Chaco Canyon, from ca. 2900 BC to the mid-1900s. The emphasis is on collections from the Anasazi occupation of the Canyon, ca. AD 1 – 1250. The archaeological holdings include complete prehistoric ceramic vessels, stone projectile points, bone tools, ground stone tools, prehistoric construction beams, and ornaments, as well as bulk collections of ceramics, lithic artifacts, fauna, soil, and pollen samples. The majority of these objects were systematically collected during the Chaco Project (1970-1985), a multidisciplinary research program of survey and excavation. The history collection primarily pertains to the Navajo occupation of the Canyon. A large archival collection contains original field notes, photographs, and reports for park projects and copies of earlier field notes and reports for work done by other institutions. The natural history collection is much smaller. It includes a herbarium and other natural history specimens.

Collection Size 2,431,176
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