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Cape Cod National Seashore

Collection SummaryThe park encompasses a 40 mile section between Chatham and Provincetown and includes numerous historic structures, most notably five lighthouses and lifesaving stations, and the Penniman and Atwood-Higgins Houses. The museum collection includes archeological objects (with associated field records) systematically recovered from prehistoric sites within the park's boundaries; natural history specimens and associated field records; historic objects and archival materials relating to lighthouses, cranberry production, and the fishing industry; and scrimshaw. Historic furnishings are on display in the Atwood-Higgins House (c. 18th century) and the Penniman House (c. 19th century). The collections are particularly strong in the areas of archeology and archival materials. Holdings include: Prehistoric Archeology Collection, Great Island Tavern Collection, The George Kimball Higgins Collection, The Frank T. Stanton & Company Collection, The Warren Sears Nickerson Collection, and Scrimshaw Collection

Collection Size 550,676
Facilities Exhibiting Museum Items Highland Light Keeper's House
Marconi Headquarters
Old Harbor Life Saving Station
Penniman House
Province Lands Visitor Center
Salt Pond Visitor Center
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