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Booker T Washington National Monument

Collection SummaryThe park's archeological collections include the finds and field notes from excavations conducted in 1959 and the 1990s. There are several small collections of archeology from the 1970s (surface collections) and 1980s. BOWA's three-dimensional history objects include commemorative coins; paintings commissioned by the NPS early in the park's history; and three bronze sculptures. The park's paper-based history objects include handwritten speech notes of Booker T. Washington, first-edition Booker T. Washington books, commemorative stamps, and a pen-and-ink sketch of Washington. The park's archives contain a variety of media including paper, various visual media (e.g., slides, films), and audio media (e.g., reel-to-reel-tapes and cassette tapes). Among these materials are organizational records from the Booker T. Washington Birthplace Memorial, Booker T. Washington National Monument Foundation, the Booker T. Washington Centennial Commission, and the Booker T. Washington Elementary School. The park's archives also include non-current resource management records generated by the NPS.

Collection Size 112,029
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