Intern Introduction

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Hi everyone. My name is Eric, and this summer I will be working in the Petrified Forest National Park as a Structural Fire Intern. I am a senior at the University of Maryland, expecting to graduate in December with a degree in Fire Protection Engineering.

 After a long (2200 mi) drive from home, I finally arrived here in Arizona. It is quite a different location than I'm used to. It is relatively remote, there are essentially no trees or shade, it's nearly always sunny, and there is no humidity! But so far so good! The park is great, and I recommend a visit at some point to explore the history and natural beauty that is protected here.

 I've been here for a week now, and have begun working on projects concerning the structural fire protection capabilities here at the park. One of the main goals is to investigate installing automatic sprinkler systems and updating the fire alarms in the visitor center, concessions facility, offices, and employee housing.

 I am excited to be here, and hope that I am able to apply my education to the benefit of the facilities, employees, and visitors of Petrified Forest National Park.


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