Structural Fire Summer Internship 2012

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My name is Hyeon, but I also go by Matt.  I’m pretty sure everyone will have an easier time going by the second option.  I’m a senior at the University of Maryland’s fire protection engineering program.  Why did I choose fire protection engineering?  Even I don’t know the answer to that question.  Perhaps I was drawn to it by my inner pyromaniac.


Pyromania thoughts aside, it already has been two weeks since I started working at the National Capital Regional Office (NCRO) under Don Boucher, The Regional Fire and Emergency Manager.  I’ll also be working with Andrew Wilson who recently retired from the Smithsonian Institute and is working as a volunteer with the NPS.  For Don, I’m working on putting together a list of funded construction projects that may need some form of fire safety review.  At the same time I’m working on a project for Prince William Forest Park to solve their issues with the fire alarm system.  In few days, I’ll start working on another project for Rock Creek Park to look that the Old Stone House’s fire alarm system and fire suppression system.  Throw in some small projects like fixing a life safety deficiency at the regional office; hopefully I’ll be busy for couple of weeks.


So far the major downside of the internship has to be the Washington DC traffic.  Especially since my car has manual transmission…  Hopefully I not going to burn my clutch, but my left leg is going to get a workout over the summer.


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