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My name is Kevin Ruth and I am going into my senior year at the University of Maryland as a Fire Protection Engineer. I first became interested in the field of Fire Protection Engineering because fire had fascinated me since I was a child and I yearned to learn the science of how it worked. Through my studies I began to find that I had a particular interest in the protection of historic structures. It is very upsetting to me to think how much culture and history a fire can take away from a community by burning down important historic structures. That is why I choose the National Park Service because I knew that in a little way I would be helping preserve the history of a community.

Besides being a Fire Protection Engineer I am also a man of a million hobbies. It is not because I am good at a million things, but rather I try a million things and then realize after a while that I am not too good at them. A few of the things I love doing regardless of my level of skill in them is filmmaking, photography and comedy. I've been making films for a couple of years now and found that most of my work can be classified as comedy. Either because I wanted it to be comedy or I tried to do something serious and it came out so bad it was funny; regardless, people laugh. That's actually what got me into performing comedy, which I have been doing seriously since freshman year of college. I joined a sketch comedy group called Sketchup at the University of Maryland. I also am known to do some stand-up when I can find an open-mic night in the area and found that there are few thing I enjoy more than people laughing at a joke or story that I have told them. Photography has always been a slight hobby, but has recently gained much more appeal for some reason. I used to use an old film camera, but stopped after realizing how expensive it was to develop the pictures. I'm hoping that through my experience at the park I will be able to not only better myself as a fire protection engineer, but also spend my free time developing my skills in some of the things I love doing.

[Written June 6th 2012]


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