Minor fire safety issues

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Last Friday, Andy and I went down to Prince William Forest Park (PWRI) to take a look at the cabins conditions.  We found some interesting problems that need to be addressed from a fire safety point of view.  I'll let the following pictures do the talking...









Pile of dead leaves under wooden construction building









When you see it...

More dead stuff

Oh hi there

Anyway, these four pictures basically summarize the problems that we found. 

I'm finishing up a recommendation report to give to PWRI.  Now whether they will follow the recommendations will probably depend on the staffing and the cabin's historical value.  With that in mind, I formed my main recommendation to be a free of maintenance as possible.  The last thing I need to do is a cost estimate and I'm interested in learning the process that goes with it.

I think I'll start working on the Old Stone House pretty soon.  Hopefully, I'll visit the Rock Creek Park next week to take a look around.

 Changing my topic, on Wednesday I did some flow testing with Tony Ashdown at the National Mall.  I found flow testing to be pretty fun!


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