Video-Leadership Project Makes Progress

Brian Lawatch NO Comments

The video-leadership video project is making wonderful progress. With the help of Brian Day, an audio-video specialist for the BLM, I was able to utilize the NIFC studio. We set up the recording equipment for my first interview on Friday January 13th. The day proved to be a good omen as everything went swimmingly, disproving millennia of superstition regarding that particular day of the week and month combination.

I interviewed Sue Husari, the Fire Management Officer for the Pacific West Region of the National Park Service. She imparted a small slice of her knowledge to me, and it really helped me understand what makes a leader in wildland fire management. Additionally, she discussed the role of successful mentoring in career development. A week later, I interviewed Jeff Arnberger, the Fire Management Specialist in the Division of Fire Operations for the BLM, and Jim Cook, recently retired Training Projects Coordinator for the Forest Service. Both of them also touched upon the themes of leadership, mentoring, and career development. I will not go into much detail, as I want to save that part for the final product.

One thing that really strikes me as I interview these leaders is the level of interagency cooperation. Yes, I work at the heart of interagency cooperation here at NIFC, but to hear from people who work at different places around the country and in different agencies, who all know each other and have worked with each other, really drives the point home. Not to mention that it illustrates how America's land management agencies are in many ways working as one, helping to protect our natural and cultural resources in a very far-sighted manner that should make this country proud.

Now, with three interviews under my belt, I have been trying to transfer the videos from my digital video recorder to my work computer. However, I think I am missing a software application because my computer does not recognize the device. Until I find out what is wrong, I can only focus on getting my other three interviewees to come in for a recording. The minimum goal is six interviews which will be uploaded onto a FAM mentoring website; but I would definitely like to see a few more. As this project progresses, I hope to include links to the videos for everyone to see. Stay tuned.


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