Acronym Web Quest for the Curious

Barbara Dougan NO Comments


Acronyms and more acronyms, the fire and Incident Command System (ICS) communities are loaded with acronyms.  New acronyms for me during this detail are OWFC, BAT, and FAT.  If you are curious about what these three acronyms stand for you can do a web quest!  The link for OWFC will work form any computer: .  However, you need access to a computer on the National Park Service's network for the BAT and FAT links to work.  The BAT link is:  .  The FAT link is:

 I could tell you what each acronym stands for, but by looking them up yourself you might learn more about coordination between the branches and programs within the NPS Fire and Aviation Management program.  Plus, there is a chance you might locate information resources that you were unfamiliar with.  Hope you'll give this web quest a try! 



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