My Home For the Summer

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When I was younger my family and I used to drive up to Estes Park at least once a year.  I have always enjoyed everything it has had to offer from the scenery to the activities there are to do in town. Specifically Rocky Mountain National Park has always been a special place for me.  As with many families, the older we get the less time I have been able to spend with them.  Living here in Estes Park reminds me of those good times. Not only will I have a positive experience to pull from, but I will be able to create new ones with my new job.

Housing at the park is based on many variables, the main one is availability. Therefore, we as employees do not get to pick where we will live.  So when I saw my living quarters for the first time I was impressed. The house I am assigned to, for the summer, is not only very nice and clean, but it is in a great location as well. Our front deck looks over a meadow which has deer and elk in it all the time. Out our back porch there is a stone patio with a fire pit. The porch looks out towards the bottom of Deer Mountain where the Deer Mountain hiking trail is. The house has three bedrooms with one and a half bathrooms for five roommates. This may seem a little small for five people; however, the rooms are large enough to have two people live in each one. I share my room with Andrew Coats, who is also a classmate of mine at CSU and apart of the Fire Intake program. This has been helpful because we are able to talk about the program and share our blog ideas with one another.  There is also another member of the crew that lives in the house as well, Scott Noble. He has been with the crew for two seasons and is a big help getting to know the town and community.  Not everyone living in the house is on the fire crew, however. There are two other Park employees that are on the vegetation crew who share a room. Dwayne and Kevin are not at the house very often but when they are we enjoy their company. Those guys give Andrew and me a sense of what others do at the park. 

Overall, I have it pretty well here at Rocky.  I have a great place to live, a great job and plenty of new friends to make more good times with here in Estes Park.  When I return next year I can see myself helping out the new guys, showing them around town and helping them be solid crew members.




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