The intern known as Clint Dregalla

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 My name is Clint Dregalla and I am twenty-one years old. In the fall, my last semester at CSU will begin where I have been studying forestry with a concentration in fire science.  At CSU I participate in some extracurricular activities including the Student Firefighter Association and playing soccer for the CSU club team.  The outdoors is where my time is usually spent where I fish and camp as often as possible during the summer and snowboard during the winter.

When I was sixteen I went to the Castle Rock Fire Department walked in the front door and asked if there was anything I could do even just cleaning their trucks once a week, I just wanted to be in a firefighter environment. The man I talked to then told to come back to the station tomorrow night from 5 o’clock to participate in Explorer Post. In this program students from the ages of fifteen to twenty-one could participate in trainings every Thursday night from 5-9pm.  This class would occasionally include a Saturday for a day long training session. At Explore Post I learned what structural firefighters do and what they are all about. The program taught us about everything from hazmat, auto extrication, structure fires, and even some wildland firefighting. Since I am an outdoors man, I really took an interest to wildland firefighting. After being in the program for two and a half years, I was about to graduate from high school and move on to college. So before I left, the instructors of the program had a meeting with me to ensure I was going to the right school and correct major to give me the best possible chance in pursuing my vision of becoming a wildland firefighter which I now have become.

My dream is to one become a smokejumper. It has been my dream ever since I first found out about wildland firefighting. The reason why this is my ultimate goal is because smokejumpers are often thought of as the elite and most experienced wildland firefighters and that is something I want to pursue. I have always strived to be the best and that is exactly what smokejumpers are portrayed to be. To achieve this goal, my plan is to come back to Module 32 and gain some more experience and leadership skills next year. The following year I would like to become a wildland firefighter for the Alpine Interagency Hotshot Crew because they are a very well-known hotshot crew that has a high reputation. It is because of their high reputation that I want to be a member of their crew. After being a hotshot for about five years, my plan is to go to jumper school and fulfill my dream of becoming a smokejumper.

In the far future it is my goal to teach fire classes to people who are new to fire as a part of my work. I took my first wildland fire class when I was nineteen and I was the youngest person in the class by at least 5 or 6 years. Since I was so young I felt a little out of my element. However, I should have felt the exact opposite because I was getting ahead of the game. This is why I want to teach students new to fire because I want to make younger people feel confident by relating to them since I went through the same thing.


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