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 I know I have not posted in quite a while, but don't worry I had good reason. It is that time of year when fire operations and training opportunities are at a lull. I have not had the opportunity to gain field experience or to go on any internship-related travels. I have been very busy however completing other very important work.

In November, I was tasked with joining the NIJAC (the National Interagency Joint Apprenticeship Committee) meeting here at NIFC as their note taker. No, it was not glamorous work. But it was one of those necessary tasks that needed to be done. I attended a meeting of about a dozen participants who discussed and debated wildland firefighter training courses. I could tell these people really cared about their work and about their firefighters' preparedness. Discussion was at times tense, but everyone treated everyone else with a measure of respect regardless of whether they disagreed with one another on their position. I spent about three days as the NIJAC note taker.

Other than the note taking, I have spent considerable time taking online coursework. I completed S-190: Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior, and have completed the online portions of S-130: Firefighter Training. Additionally, the NPS is having me take HTML and Photoshop courses to make me a proficient webmaster. Those courses have been very educational and wonderful opportunities. As I mentioned earlier, there has not been the opportunity for field training that there will be later on. However, I think I have taken full advantage of this internship with all this online, self-paced coursework.

You may remember me mentioning a video leadership project a few blog entries back. It is still in the works! I sent letters out to potential contributors and have received some affirmative replies. With the holidays though, much of the progress on this particular project won't happen until January or later. This is a project I am very excited about and I shall keep you posted.


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