Get the Word Out!

Ginny Reams NO Comments

We have many names but one purpose: to get the word out! Whether it's as a writer-editor with the natural resource program in Colorado (me) or a fire communication and education specialist at the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise (Tina, my colleague at the Fire Center) or an interpretation ranger in a park, our job as NPS communicators is to spread the word. What word are we spreading? To whom?

That depends on where you are. In my regular job, I share information about natural resource programs, accomplishments, and challenges with diverse audiences--my fellow natural resource staff; park, regional, and national NPS staff; website visitors; and more. Here in the Fire and Aviation Management Program, they're working to provide parks, agencies, and the public with critical information about wildland fire, structural fire, and aviation management.

The shared challenge we face is what's the best way to get that word out? There are so many options today--email, websites, social media, in addition to "old" techniques like printed publications and TV. We are all bombarded with information. How do we convince people to read what we put out there? I wish I had a silver bullet for that one. Unfortunately there isn't one, but implementing a communication strategy that uses best practices can help us reach our audiences with targeted messages. And details like this one help spread best practices by connecting people and programs that face many of the same challenges.


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