Rugged 4x4 Built for Interagency Operations

Jennifer Smith NO Comments

Interagency can be defined as "between or involving two or more government departments or agencies."

Eight different agencies make up the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC).  As a current Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Public Affairs Specialist, the interagency concept is not new to me.  This detail with NPS Fire and Aviation Management has exposed me to unfamiliar territory within this interagency collaboration.

NIFC is like an off-road 4x4 vehicle.  All of the agencies make up the engine and parts of the vehicle.  Each part operates a different function, but all of the parts together build a lean, mean, beefy machine that can climb any mountain in any conditions.  NPS has provided me new perspectives in regards to the natural and cultural resources and values of which land management agencies strive for.  The agencies at NIFC may not drive down the same roads, but wildland fire support remains their final destination.


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