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Brian Lawatch in front of the Smokejumper Loft at NIFC.Hello, my name is Brian Lawatch. I am the new Student Conservation Association intern for the National Park Service at the National Interagency Fire Center. I am from Boise, Idaho, went to school at Boise State University, and on to graduate school at The George Washington University in Washington DC. I majored in History with an emphasis on American foreign policy in the Cold War. So... what am I doing here in an office dedicated to wildland fire, structural fire and aviation management? I have no background in land management or conservation and I have only been to five national parks in my life. The answer: I want to learn; I want to gain the experience and knowledge required for public service through the government. Land conservation is not something I am very familiar with, but it is something that I want to become familiar with. My background in history has equipped me with some vital skills necessary for this internship: the ability to critically analyze information, and the capability to write well. The rest, I have been told, I shall learn!

I began this internship with just basic knowledge about what I would be doing. As stated, I am mostly unfamiliar with land management, fire, and anything related to the mission of the National Park Service or the Department of the Interior. This is all new to me. But for some reason, I applied to this internship and they really liked my credentials. Perhaps it is true what my professors in school said, that my experience as a history major has equipped me with valuable skills. Now, it's all about learning how to apply those skills in the NPS setting.

This blog is a required part of my internship, but it sounds like an opportunity to have a little bit of fun, and to help inform the public about the NPS's programs related to aviation, structural fire, and wildland fire. Stick around, because together, we are going to learn and have some fun!


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